EDGE #178 reviews: Ninja Gaiden Sigma, The Darkness, Shadowrun

Here are the reviews from the August issue of EDGE magazine:

The Darkness (7)
Shadowrun (6)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma ( 8 )
Flatout: UC (7)
Overlord (7)
Call of Juarez (5)
Nucleus (4)
Super Stardust HD ( 8 )
Mario Party 8 (4)
Resi 4 Wii (9)

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Antan3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Stardust is amazing!! especially for only 5 quid!!!! Exellent score for NGS, Fair score for Darkness, not seen Flatout and COJ was garbage on the pc.

Rhezin3943d ago

call of juarez is the best next gen western shooter out there and if you think Gun was good you need a brain transplant. Except for Red Dead Revolver. That was my fav western shooter.

btkadams3943d ago

ouch nucleus sucks! i mean it didnt look that good, but i thought it would get a better score than that.

i dont see why so many devs (David Jaffe for one) like making downloadable games now when they generally get lower scores and feel incomplete.

techie3943d ago

Yet Super Stardust HD has just been released and is a downloadble game and gets a higher score than The I don't know why they bother either. Doh.

Gibroon3943d ago

Can anyone remember which games got a 10 out of 10 from Edge.

I know its not that many.

Just interested

Antan3943d ago

Gran Turismo

Can`t remember but there were one or two others.

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The story is too old to be commented.