Japanese Bikini Model Yuuri Morishita Is Back, This Time Promoting God Of War III

It's been a while since the gaming world last heard from Japanese bikini model Yuuri Morishita.

So what is she up to now?

Well, the sexy star has been promoting the Japanese release of God of War III.

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sinncross2859d ago

cute girl... killer game!

Dr_Nefarious2859d ago

Are you sure thats a chick? I mean from the bulge I seen in the bikini I am kinda wondering.

sid4gamerfreak2859d ago

You know what, just because she is promoting and even touching the game, i will buy it a second time

Aceluffy2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Perfect combination !

Sort of off topic, but I gotta let this out.......
God of War 3 is AWESOME !! It's very hard to keep my mouth closed while playing, especially against bosses. The difficulty level on Titan is quite chalenging and also the game lets your PSN friends know if you have the ultimate or the standard edition, neat.

redsquad2859d ago

"Bikini model" and "japanese"... words that form a perfect marraige in my little world!

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