PS3 boosts Blu-ray sales by 1000 per cent

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a huge increase in European Blu-ray disc sales - attributing the rise to the release of PlayStation 3.

As reported by Tech Digest, more than 180,000 SPHE films have now been sold in Europe. According to Sony, sales have soared by over 1000 per cent since the PS3 launched in March.

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Dudeson424029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

And vice-versa. I'd like to see a figure on how many techies bought the PS3 strictly as the cheapest blu-ray player. Not saying I wont eventually buy a PS3, but it'll be purchased with games in mind, not hd movies.

Premonition4029d ago

Im sure quite a few atleast buy 1 movie or more to watch on their system.

Kaneda4029d ago

I got 7 movies and 6 games...:) mmm...HD movies...soooooo goooddddd...

ENNO4029d ago

tech guy:hey you know that plays hd movie dont ya?
Average joe:No i didnt!!
tech guy:here have a look at our blu-ray movies,they are 6X better than blah blah
average joe:wow i am so glad i bought these i never knew!!
and they also count the games as sales to blu ray since they are blu-ray disks!!

Kratosnake4029d ago

ENNO that same scenario applies ot HDDVDs, believe me... my best friend works at bestbuy and he sees it happen all the time.

I'm not defending either party, but that's just the way excited employees at electronic stores behave... they push the technology based on their preference.

Shadow Flare4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

id genuinely like to see how much hd-dvd sales went up after the 360 add-on was released, cos it must have increased it somewhat. In the longrun, blu-ray was a very good investment in the ps3. It may have burdened it somewhat at the start but its excellent for gaming, pretty much the main HD format now and once the price drops for ps3 then there's no issue left to talk about.

Its kinda like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are in a race. Nintendo is racing on a greyhound because its fast off the lights but its gonna be wheezing like a mongrel b1tch once 2008 is out. Microsoft is racing a donkey cos even though it got a headstart, the damn thing keeps breaking down and stopping in the middle of the road. However this donkey is steady, and makes good with the online community of other donkeys on Xbox Live. Sony however has started the race carrying a horse. The horse is a fine beast but expensive. And its also very slow out the gates while being carried. But then the horse goes, 'Hey mate why don't i carry you?' And then they race off, fast as a hawk, whisking past the dog and the ass like its no-one's business. And the horse is like, "HEY Peter Moore! How about another tattoo? WANNA HORSESHOE TATTOO? **WHAACCKK** --dead--

And that's pretty much how this generation will roll out

jromao4029d ago

Here, in europe, Portugal and Spain where I can see people are getting also new TV LCDs with HDMI for PS3 use, not just because PS3 games but also because they can play DVDs and Blu-ray movies on them trough PS3. Some are giving priority to LCDs screen and then get the PS3, this can be confirmed by shop sellers, its spreading.

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The story is too old to be commented.