Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Interview

BigBig chats about its forthcoming blockbuster-inspired action follow-up, where it really is a case of 'Bigger, better, more'.

Chris Whiteside explained to IGN, "Many people commented on forums that they wished there was a little more 'meat on the bone', and with Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice you get the whole cow". Of course, much of the original Pursuit Force's lightweight leanings were intentional according to BigBig, with the game specifically tailored to suit on-the-go gaming with PSP. "The irony is that after feedback from both the consumer and the press, we realised that people wanted a little more from the Pursuit Force universe", continued Whiteside. "We found that most gamers played the game in long bursts and at home. And to be frank, the game wasn't designed for this, hence the omission of a storyline and the inclusion of missions that lasted for around four minutes."

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