EA Sports Reveals Wii Family Play

It's no secret that Nintendo's Wii console has, more than any system before it, helped bridge the gap between hardcore players and non-gamers alike. While the Big N's innovative remote has proved to be a big component to building that bridge, so has quality software that makes smart use of the device. Like, for example, Wii Sports, a title that de-emphasizes complex controls and enables intuitive, lifelike gameplay simply by reenacting motions we already know. It was just a matter of time until more companies adopted Nintendo's approach, and that time has arrived, as EA announces "Family Play."

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PS360WII3912d ago

Not bad. Makes hard controlling games into really easy controls good idea.

Bnet3433912d ago

People need to stop flooding the Wii with casual games like these.

ChickeyCantor3911d ago

Its an optional thing....and therefor its bad?
This will make more players enjoy the game i really dont see what's so wrong with that?