Store managers detail PS3 failure rate at less than 1%

The inquisitive folks over at Ripten decided to do a little research on the failure rate of current next-gen consoles. Their conclusions should come as no surprise, with the PS3 resulting in a low failure rate.

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Bebedora3949d ago

THAT's why there are so few sold vs the xborx360! <joke>

marinelife93949d ago

That pretty much sums up the intent of the manufacturers. Quality vs Haste. I wonder how much it cost MS to repair and replace each console. $120? $150? $200? They're losing almost a half a billion because of haste.

novaIS3503949d ago

Yes the 65nm processor will run cooler, but your 'faster' comment is completely false.

TheMART-sucksdick3949d ago

The PS3 is a well built console. Ive heard the xbox 360 elite is alot better with heat and noise too, i'm buying one this fall, i just hope it doesnt over heat. Can anyone say if the elite is a better build?

ShiftyLookingCow3949d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

wait for news of 65nm build, elite itself is only a slight improvement

[edit] as for the news itself, I certainly dont want another apparent time bomb in my hands even if its the best, btw can anybody tell me the status of PS3 Hardware Emulation in USA, I know they removed it for Europe have they done the same here? And one more advantage for PS3, you can get a used one without having to worry too much

@tatical, thanks for the info, I will most likely get one by this year price drop or not

aaquib23949d ago

XBOX 360 ELITE is the exact same console as the 360. The internal hardware is exactly the same except for HDMI. Microsoft has confirmed they're switching from 90nm processors to 65nm this year, so just wait for an announcement on that. The 65nm processors should run cooler, and faster.

funkysolo3949d ago

The elite is just as loud as the premium. It sux at night when I'm trying to be quiet, you can hear it more than the game. Sometime it's so loud I think it's about to break(fingers crossed). I would definitely wait to they get the hardware issue fix and a quieter drive.

i Shank u3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

the elite is the same as premium, same dvd drive, same exact setup save HDMI and big hard drive. id wait for the redesign that hopefully wont sound like a turbine.

Marona: MS says revision that includes better 65nm chips should be out this fall, exactly when who knows tho i hope to god before halo 3. im hoping there will also be price drop since it will have been out for 2 years. would be killer move to have price drop and revision at same time. and good luck to you surviving "the lord of the red rings" lol

Marona3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

So wait, anyone knows when exactly will this happen? Since I'm thinking on buy a 360 Elite by the end of the year.

tatical3949d ago

"...can anybody tell me the status of PS3 Hardware Emulation in USA, I know they removed it for Europe have they done the same here?"

As far as I know, the PS3 still has the PS2 EE+GS [CPU+GPU] chipset in the US and Japan. But, Sony stated that will change though (I think by the end of 2007). I have both the 360 and PS3, and Sony's hardware solution is WAY better than Microsoft's software solution (you don't have to wait for any games to be added to the list).

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timmyp533949d ago

problems r over. I believe my ps3 isn't going to die on me anytime soon... unless KZ2 runs it down LOL

jromao3949d ago

I own two PS3 and both running since April 24/7 for play or folding and never got heat problems or died. Stunning, perfect machine, quiet and reliably as any computer should be. Note: I was only able to get hang-up one PS3 with that stupid game Spider-Man 3 (twice), due to bad code and design of that awfull game of course.

boi3949d ago

lol wow 2 i own 1 lol and thinking of getting a 360 :D but mite wait to see how the elite is 1st then mayb getting the elite instead

JohnCarpenter3949d ago

Well done, Sony! And now bring us more games...