More Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Images and Details from PSM

Here are some newly released screens for Konami's upcoming soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. PES 2008 will be released for PS3, Xbox360, PlayStation 2, PSP, PC-DVD and Nintendo DS in Autumn.

Images after jump.

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TriggerHappy3913d ago

this looks amazing and everything, am curiuos to see what EA is doing with Fifa this year, so far i have not seen nothing on the game

Itachi3913d ago

looks great the features like pub tv i just want the ai super super hard and 1 goal thirrlers like pro 1 with and player growing like pro 2

jromao3913d ago

My PS3 is hungry for soccer, PES 6 isn't bad, but that DEMO will keep PS3 happy till October.

StateofMind3913d ago

Those pictures don't impress me at all. It's most likely due to bad quality images though. Are there any better pics floating around? I'm looking forward to getting one of the soccer/football games this year, but I haven't quite decided which one to get.

Not much of a soccer fan, but the games are always great for some reason...