Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Fastest Selling Title In Franchise History

Square Enix today announced that sales of Final Fantasy XIII have eclipsed the one million mark in North America alone. The numbers were tallied up over the first five days following the March 9 launch, making FFXIII the fastest-selling title in franchise history.

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Gradient3196d ago

Cool, can't wait for Versus 13.

Cold 20003196d ago

I smell a FF Versus on 360 announcement very soon.

97gsx3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

It really depends on versus. I mean if its far enough along in development that the game wont fit on 3-4 dvds then forget it. But if the development stage of the game is early enough that they can still make the game linear then most likely it will be multiplat.

Gradient3196d ago

Interesting. Can your nose also pick up your bullshit?

Dragun6193196d ago

@ Cold

I think FFXIII Versus will remain a PS3 Exclusive just because Tetsuya Nomura & the development team have expressed that they will take advantage of the full potential of the PS3 such as Hard Dive, Blu Ray and the cell processor, which if true, then this game can't technically be possible on Xbox 360 for example Metal Gear Solid 4 due to how it was developed to take advantages of the PS3.

Anyways, congrats to SE, after all that controversy about the game they still manage to surpass past FFs to be the Fastest selling title in the franchise.

FamilyGuy3196d ago

It's not impossible but I and many others believe keeping this exclusive/untainted would be best. FF13, lowest rated FF of all time...

Commander TK3195d ago

still one of the worst FF games and a pathetic excuse for a JRPG. Versus is SE's only hope now

SaiyanFury3195d ago

I'm ultimately forced to agree with TK. It's not a bad game but S-E removed so many JRPG staples that it panders to the masses. Again, let me say it, "Square-Enix is a corporation seeking money. Squaresoft was a developer seeking superior software. FF13 is S-E's way of getting more money by making the game appeal to people who would never traditionally play a JRPG. In doing so, they've alienated us traditional gamers that love the JRPG experience. A friend of mine here on N4G, traded his copy of FF13 to play Yakuza 3. That's saying something. FF13 isn't a bad game, but for us longtime fans it's a real letdown. I loved FF7 and 8 on the original PS console. With the new games, I've been disenfranchised with the series. Just a personal note here.

AAACE53195d ago

Actually the timing is perfect if they wanted to make a port!

SE worked on FFXIII for several years and then announced a port at E3 09. It took them roughly 9 months to release after that. The end result was the Ps3 using like 38 Gb's and the 360 using 18 Gb's. They have learned from dealing with the 360 what they can and can't do now, so that could cut a port down to about 6 months. Even if FFXIII Versus uses 45-50 Gb's SE could probably fit it the same way they did with this version.

At this point though, I give a port to the 360 a 10 percent chance. But if sales data comes back with good numbers for the 360... i'll give it a 50% chance. Reason being SE knows they pissed off alot of longtime fans with this port and i'm not sure if they will try that again or not.

bartkuz3195d ago

Every FF has it's own haters and lovers. That's the way it is. You can't appeal everyone. I love all that i have played.

lightningsax3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

It's funny to troll around with that kind of announcement, but it's something to both consider and fear. There's no doubt that the 360 version boosted sales, but the cost of doing so hasn't been and won't be released to the public.

If Square decides to port the thing to 360 like XIII, they shouldn't aim for the same release date. There's a reason we didn't see XIII a year before we did, and while SE wouldn't admit it, that drastic change in development definitely pushed the release date back and screwed with the staff-time budget they had in order to make the game.

It was very evident that SE made FFXIII for the PS3 and then had to make a way within Crystal Tools to move it over to 360 in an imperfect but better-than-Sega way. I don't agree with the "It's gimped" argument people have, but a huge delay? Yeah. I'd rather see Versus XIII before our consoles are old and busted.

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Kalowest3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Forget Verse, bring me KH3 already, O and FFXIII is awesome.

LiquifiedArt3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Your proably 1/2 my age.

I'm 28. If you honestly think FFXIII is that amazing, then your standards are so low, I feel bad for you. The game is a great CGI movie, but it is most certainly NOT a Final Fantasy game.

This is without question.

Kalowest3196d ago

I'm 18, its not that i have low standards, i'm just a sucker for JRPGs, and i just love video games; my Favorite games this gen are UC2, L4D2, LO, and H3.

Prototype3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I'm 28 also and I agree, 13 is one of the worse I've ever played. A lot of people who just started gaming around the ps2 era probably either never played any of the older FF games or followed the crowd on the 13 hype train. I have to force myself to keep playing 13 and the more I play it the less interested I'm in. A lot of people argue "starting chapter 9 the story gets better!" Well what happen with starting with Chapter 1?

My biggest complaint about 13 is it's stupid easy, and at times there's the occasional hard boss fight however the game is seriously made for people new into RPG's with how the system is - almost idiot-proof. The game is also 90% straight line between point A to point B with very little shortcuts which makes it impossible to get lost. And before people start arguing its not easy, play 1,4, or even 6 then come back and say how "not easy" 13 is.

For those wondering I'm on Chapter 11 and personally at the rate I'm playing the game If I do finish it its out of habit not because I want to.

miyakoS3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

"A lot of people argue 'starting chapter 9 the story gets better!'"

I actually thought the story from the first few chapters was better. Chapter 9 was action that resulted from the buildup in the previous chapters and the following chapters involving the Ark and Gran Pulse can almost be removed without affecting the storyline, though the village of Oerba is certainly important. I liked the game best when they paired up two characters, like Lightning and Hope or Sazh and Vanille, who choose to go different ways of their own reasons, and you get to see the interaction between them while they're on the run. The story started to lose its pacing a bit for me after everyone reunites in the middle of chapter 9 since the connection between the characters as a group is weaker than as pairs or threesomes, but that's just my opinion.

"The game is also 90% straight line between point A to point B with very little shortcuts which makes it impossible to get lost"

Do you want to get lost? I actually dislike that tedious backtracking part of older FF games nowadays, though it's up to personal taste I guess. And I disagree that the game's a straight line... there are often branching pathways and different routes to the same destination, though that's a far cry from the freedom of roaming that many RPG gamers seem to crave, since in the end, you do have to reach that one destination.

4pocalyps33195d ago

i totally agree man. ff13 is a normal linear rpg with final fantasy slapped on it to make it sell. it is in no way a true final fantasy game. i mean you cant even talk to the otha npc chars all you can do is walk near them and listen to their convoes. i hope ff9 comes to psn....need to remember what a real final fantasy game should be.

FanboysWillHateMe3195d ago

The developers themselves are fans of the franchise, they have every right to do whatever they want to mix up the series. I mean, do you guys have anything to do with the making of Final Fantasy games? No. So why does it seem like you want to dictate to them what they should add to a game to make it supposedly more like Final Fantasy-ish?

Everyone keeps talking about how the most recent FF titles will never surpass the old school ones. Ever heard of nostalgia? It's the one barrier that today's generation of games can never break, no matter how good today's games are. Lots of people consider FFVII to be one of the best games ever created NOT because it was the perfect quintessential RPG, but because it was the first RPG that many of us got our hands on.

Coolmanrico3194d ago

Final fantasy XIII is awesome game. I haven't play many games that I wish wouldn't end and that exactly how XIII feel. Most people complain about linear, but XII wasn't linear and in my opinion it is the worst in the series.

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Droid Smasha3196d ago

MS will take that port of Versus now Square


hellraiserpop3196d ago

Good for them. I was really annoyed by all that crap they took (from the fanboys for dropping exclusivity and the reviewers for the linearity) for trying something new, because I really liked the game. Almost as much as FF6(which is still my favourite).

Arnon3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

They should've named Final Fantasy XIII "My First RPG". It feels more like a sophomoric attempt of an obscure game producer, incorporating a construed fighting mechanism to try to compensate for an inherently shallow fighting system.

"Enemy hits me for 800 damage with it's special attack. Character is almost dead."

*uses auto-cure* *Will never die now*

Xanatos3196d ago

Yes, using a medic all fight will always give you victory in this game, hows chapter 11 coming along for you btw?

hellraiserpop3196d ago

You clearly missed the fact that this is the toughest Final Fantasy yet.

Gue13196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

if you don't do at least 20 missions on chapter 11 then the next chapters are going to be really hard. The fact is that FFXIII it's the easiest FF game along with FFVIII (easy if you understood the junction system, so easy that in my last playthrough I beat every boss with only one blow including ultima weapon. But you can't do that on FFXIII because of the limit cap on each level but they still give you more than enough).

8thnightvolley3195d ago

here is what i use...

lightening, sazh, fang

ceburus= com com com
(all out physical, very good if u have lunch, depends on enemy remember to use the analysis tool(cant remember what its called)

strategic attack= com, syn,sen
(best way to start a battle sen take damage syn buff up the party and sazh is really good here coz he has haste so ur party can cast spells faster comes in handy when u have up to 5 ATP, using bliz also help cut down the hp of all enemies)

mystic tower= rav, rav, sen

very effective on hard enemies good if u need to stagger them, good on enemies that try to harse u with attacks..

protection=med, syn,sen

if shyt hits the fan heal up, i prefer to be the med coz i can direct health at the person i want to give it to, sometimes the AI doesnt do exactly what u want it do so if my sen is taking way too much damage i would want to take care of her first...

dirty fighting= com,sen,sab

with this i made sazh a sentinel too so i can direct damge to him since he has a decent health size and fang can sabotage enemies and make them extra juicy for my damage, this is also good to debuff and turn the tides of battle.

this is my method some have different style but this team is very effective i would rather have snow as a sentinel but he has no sab and that i dont want to get caught be my balls in my hand if i need it in a bad fight.. but he would be the best with sab on this skill list.. coz he has a humongous health pool

Prototype3195d ago


Toughest FF yet? FF1 says hi, so does 4 the PS1 version. In 1 (the original NES version) you can't raise in battle; and the PS1 version of 4 is the hard version of FF4 in japan.

Arnon3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

This is most certainly not the hardest Final Fantasy to date. Also, keeping a party member as a Medic does not hinder my damage whatsoever, especially when you have a maxed accessory and weapon on the other character.

I've died maybe... once this entire game.

Also, I basically broke the game and farmed for CP, so now every time I play with a certain character, I can max out all of their crystal trees.

The game is superfluous. You're granted so many abilities, modifiers, etc., and the majority of it is not even needed. Yes, I am only on chapter 8 or 9 (even though there's only 13 in the game), and have completely blown through this game in about 12 hours playtime.

Now, whether or not I actually see a difference in the next 4-5 chapters will determine my outlook on the game. However, that does not deter from the fact that for almost the entirety of the game, you're listening to a bunch of characters complain about their problems, while enduring a fighting system that lasts a good 20 seconds, and overall, that makes this game incredibly mediocre, and is the reason why I'm excited to hear about Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

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