Final Fantasy Countdown

There is a bewildering number of Final Fantasy titles in development or recently released, from all-new titles to remakes of remakes. For those who confuse chocobos with moogles, or tactics with an International Zodiac Jobsystem, here's a guide......

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boi3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I just cant wait for ff versus bcos i miss the hero being a badboy not sum sissy i miss cloud and squall ...

BlademasterD3889d ago

Don't forget characters like Cecil and Shadow and Locke too.

gunnerforlife3889d ago

if the fighting sequances are anything to go by than versus is the game i want:D.

ReconHope3889d ago

tipped news. thanks mk_red it was his find.

Bebedora3889d ago

I didn't see that one. Thanks anyways.

boi3889d ago

cheers :D i just need a FF game rite now been missing it :(

Bebedora3889d ago

Still I get a bit suspect on s-e as of now. FF X-2+XII was a letdown. One more than a letdown. Last Remnant and Versus seems to cut it as of now. The first I can see as a RPG is actually Folks Soul. Hope to have that soon.

WKS is actually the strongest RPG card for me and my PS3 right now.

MK_Red3889d ago

Thank you for posting it. FF FTW! Cant wait for FFXIII and FFXIII Versus (Cant imagine how cool this one could be). Sadly we'll have to wait until TGS since FFXIII seems to be a no-show at E3.

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boi3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

yea thats true i did play FF9 qauter of the way n kinda didnt had the same feel as the past FFs and same with 10...and didnt reli bother with the rest of the FF after that but now im looking forward to crisis core and the FFs on the next gens :) the thing with me is i can't play a FF if the main guy is a total wuss lol just i dont get that feeling of powerful like i had done with Cloud and Squall lvling them up was soooo great lol

Bebedora3889d ago

They have catered to the other sex:es with the last two. I dont wanna save the world from war through singing (FF X-2) and I want some depth in the characters and a story (FF XII).

They have a new trailer coming for the FF XIII @ E3, I think. S-E have to pull their act together and we are all good. :)

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