Top Games Of Summer 2007

Summertime has never been kind to gamers as new releases ordinarily dwindle down from a flood to a trickle. Maybe that's the universe's way of telling us to turn off the TV, throw on some flip-flops and enjoy the long days and warm nights.

Here is a quick preview of biggest upcoming games of all current-gen consoles from PS3 to DS.

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MK_Red4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

For me, its Stranglehold & Lair. (But all other games are great too)
Update: OMG, I cant believe I forgot Bioshock. I'm dying to play that one.

Nicosia4035d ago

For me its has to Bioshock and Blue Dragon, been waiting for them :P

ArduousAndy4035d ago

wants bioshock and blue dragon the WII owner in me is checking out metroid as a rental

The Godzilla fan in me is still patiently awaiting the Godzilla game for the WII

texism4035d ago

Okay enough already. Yes we know E3 is here and yes we know all the games already! I mean I'm tired of seeing these games of 07 countdowns that have games we already knew about

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