Console Wars: Why All the Hate?

It's the classic debate that's spread through generations of consoles: Nintendo vs. Sega, Sony vs. Nintendo, and now Microsoft and Sony battling it out in one of the bloodiest console wars yet - and with each generation of consoles comes the hardcore gaming community, supporting their console of choice with their last dying breath.

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ReconHope3910d ago

ppl cant accept that both systems are great and stop senselessly arguing.

ImWithStupid3909d ago

I started out owning both 360 and PS3 and am now fully in the sony camp.

I was ALWAYS annoyed by having to pay $50 a year to have ANY online play at all with XBOX1. The only reason I put up with it was because the PS2 was not as powerful as the xbox. This time around Sony has covered all the bases.

The most power platform barnone this generation

Free online

GREAT and I mean GREAT first party titles

and the best controller scheme in the industry.

The ability to play Bluray content.

all these are what convinced me to go solely playstation this time around and yet this is what hateful xbots try to slam about the system.
So how can there be such a start contrast in perception over technology. Im not your average Joe, I actually have a high paying position in the technology industry. seems to me like someone is lying through their teeth and it's not PS3 owners.

caffman3909d ago

has just demonstrated the main reason.

dantesparda3909d ago

I'll tell you why, cuz its human nature. Im really in to politics (i know, i know, why? but i am slowly getting myself out of that dreck!) and this is the way it is in politics too. See people will always side with something, and downplay any negative aspect of it and over exaggerate anything bad about their opposing side or views. Its just human nature! humans have this loyalty thing, and once they "side", they side! You know what i mean. I know, its sad, and stupid, but its just how we are. It just goes to show you what some of our flaws are. Personally, i am getting sick of it too, it is retarded and pathetic to be fighting over these video games systems, but herte we are doing it all the time, but thats just the nature of the beast! (Yes i am calling us "humans" beasts). Now to-do-loo, I gotta get back to my 40, and may the fighting continue. I know it will. Cuz you people cant rise above it. Im sorry, i am not trying to insult anyone, but rather am just being real (as i am in all my posts), but prove me wrong, and rise above it, dont tolerate it and if we all work together, than maybe, just maybe, it'll end. But nah, i dont think so, so flame on playa's, flame on. Mmm, 40

ReconHope3910d ago

the wii is great 2. its just not my thing. lol

fury3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

...but i will be sure to buy one when new games are released. Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Super Smash Brothers Brawl etc.
I don't want to miss those games, and that's why i will own all current consoles in the end.
Currently i own the XBOX360, and i've recently bought a notebook for myself. I am a poort student, haven't got much money, but i hope i'll be able to buy the PS3 and Wii next year along with a new HDTV.

felidae3909d ago

i totally agree with you guys.

stop the hate - play games.

fury3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

...we as gamers should stop all the hate. OK, the Wii may have crappy hardware (regarding the power) , and not much games. OK the PS3 is damn expensive and hasn't got many games, yet. OK the XBox360 breaks way too often and the Ring of Death gets slowly but surely on our nerves.

Every console has its weaknesses but not every console has the same games. It's the variety of games that come along with different consoles we should appreciate.
Seriously people, stop the hate, grab a teddy bear and cuddle each other. WE as gamers can profit from the competition that Microsoft, Sony and Nintento fight out.

THAMMER13910d ago

Good read. Sony and M$ have created reasons to be hated by gamers. I also think the FUD and ignorance is just as unexcitable from gamers.

XbugPosse3910d ago

...Sony ain't raping their customers like MS ;)

THAMMER13910d ago

This is what the article is about. M$ and Sony are out to make money from this. They both have problems and you’re sir are extremely bias also. The 360 is a good console and the RROD is a problem. With out that what would you complain about? What will you say when this issue fades out like the PS2 disc drive issues? Please straighten up your act.

M$ has a problem with consoles sold and Sony has a problem with consoles they can not sell. Hhmm you do the math.

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The story is too old to be commented.