Wii and Nintendo are Hot Buys,But Can the Good Times Continue?

Shares of Nintendo Co. have more than doubled in value over the past year thanks to its wildly popular Wii videogame console and DS portable-game device. And analysts expect the price to increase for a while longer.

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ReconHope4005d ago

u owned this generation. with all ur profit u could make a wii2 with great graphics.

OoOLeafsOoO4005d ago

I think it's to early to tell if Nintendo has won yet, I think the Wii is simply a fad. For example when flip cell phones came out everyone wanted one and they were the rage, but the craze eventually died down and soon nobody cared if you had a flip phone or not. This is what may happen with the Wii, right now motion is all the rage, but will it last?

If Nintendo comes up with a way to keep motion new to us, then they have this won, if not then bye bye nintendo. But still good job with the marketing of the Wii!

neogeo4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

When the fad wears off it will be too late. The great games are not even out yet for the Wii. Metroid will rock sales, Mario will topple the charts, Smash bro will smash 360 sales, Mario cart will run over the PS3, Umbrella Chronicles will bring us joy, If sales slow I can see at least 2 price drops soon. First to 199.99 then to 149.99 then a new DS system by next E3 and a new/more powerful Wii in a few years. Game over, and Nintendo will move on to a new system/handheld. Nintendo has been doing this for over a hundred years.<---yes a hundred years. look it up.
I have been hearing kids like you say Nintendo will go 3rd partie for years, only to LOL at your childish predictions and hope you never play the stock market.

derb2k24005d ago

i agree. I KNOW that Smash Bros is going to make this system sky rocket. I'm getting my Wii soon just for that. Then you have Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid. I think it'll only get better for Nintendo.

OoOLeafsOoO4005d ago

I like how I didn't attack the Wii in any way but then you go and attack us...Halo 3 will destroy Metroid Prime, GTA IV will jack Mario Kart's Sales, Call Of Duty 4 will invade Mario's sales, and I think that heavenly sword, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, and The Darkness together can at least cut into but not overtake the sales of Brawl because everyone knows all of the 8-12 year old kids will be lining up outside of stores to get their hands on it.

The PSP is way more powerful than the DS, the new/more powerful Wii will still be less powerful than the 360/PS3, HD DVD and Blu-Ray are the way of the future, and the inevitable PS3 and 360 price drop will destroy the Wii's sales! The only reason it's selling so well is because its cheap, also because the games are so simple and easy that a 6 year old kid or some soccer mom can pick it up and play it, no challenge whatsoever...have fun with ur kiddy Wii prick!

I don't attack anybody then you go and attack us, suck my big 7 cell,120 gig,1080p penis!

neogeo4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I don't even own a Wii. I own a PS3 and love it. I wont buy a Wii for at least a year. I just know that Nintendo is a great company. Anyway I was not attacking you, just slapping you around a bit. don't get so butt hurt.

OoOLeafsOoO4005d ago

I wasn't hurt, I was retaliating :)

Last_Life4005d ago

Stop being so intense about speculations, for me... the Wii sucks, I don't care if it wons this generation, it's still full of retard games.

Kastor_Troii4004d ago

Until Nintendo dances on Sony's grave,and pisses all over them...even more!!!