Preview : Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom sends the KUF series in a different direction. Instead of being a strategy game, Circle of Doom will be a roleplaying game based in the KUF universe. Although it might look like a standard hack'n-slash game on the surface, it promises some stand-out features, like the ability to carry a multitude of weapons, specializing characters for multiplayer and utilizing a unique skill system. Certain skills reward players for taking damage, either through paying out more money or replenishing skill points needed to execute complex maneuvers. Its ease of play, coupled with a multitude of customization options could make it attractive to both KUF loyals and newcomers alike.

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tudors3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I reminds me of an old game but I cannot remember which, maybe one of the old Quakes?

tomfoolery3851d ago

I just pray they don't stray too far from the original formula.
Though I'm sure it will be great.WOOHOO 360.