CVG review: 10/10 to The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

All the traditional Zelda elements are here - from Link's trusty sword and shield to his boomerang, cartoon bombs and bow-and-arrow - but thanks to the DS' touch screen interface, everything feels fresh and new again. The boomerang, in particular, is more useful than ever. Switches are often out of sight but, thanks to the boomerang, not out of reach: just draw a line from Link to your desired boomerang target (even if that means sending it down the corridor and round the corner) and it'll come zipping back, having flicked a switch or collected a key. Think laterally and Phantom Hourglass will pat you on the back, say "Well done!" and let you through to the next area. Perfect satisfaction: a job well done.

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MK_Red4005d ago

They really loved this game. I haven't played it but I think critics should give more 10s. Its been years since games like Ocarina Of Time and some Tony Hawk games got full 10.

gaffyh4005d ago

I agree man, I wish I had a DS now just for this game, it looks really good.

i Shank u4005d ago

^ wish i had DS too for this. a 10, holy shizer man must be good. anyone know if a 2D metroid game is coming to DS? been playing super metroid SNES lately and cant get enough

ReconHope4005d ago

might have to borrow one.

PS360WII4005d ago

Well done indeed. Full use of the touch screen and a rock solid score. Will be fun to play

i Shank u4005d ago

if they added a hot coffee type minigame with link, zelda and touchscreen controls, i think it could be an 11

BIadestarX4005d ago

is this game out already?

ItsDubC4005d ago

Only in Japan for now.