Turok for PS3 and Xbox 360 gets new name

Disney Interactive Studios, which holds the license for the Turok-games, confirmes that the Turok-game which is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has been named 'Turok Rebirth'.

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Imknow13943d ago

Seems to fit being the fact that it has been a long while since the previous release.

SuperSaiyan43943d ago

Therefore proves nothing.

ShiftyLookingCow3943d ago

come on dont tell me you cant see its dutch not german

MK_Red3943d ago

Not bad. This is the new beginning of Turok series. Cant for E3 to see more of this (Loved first 2 Turok games).

coolmatrix3943d ago

Xbox360 had a year head start: Total sales around 10 million with about 30% failure rate give or take. Despite the hottest title Gears of War only 2 million copies or about 20% of 360 users care to purchase the title. ALARMING!!!

MS hopes that POACHING once PS2 exclusives would lead to more 360 consoles sold. NEVER HAPPENED, NEVER WILL! MS doesn't understand PS owners. We don't WANT A 360 - EVER!!!

PLus they are running out of successful PS2 exclusives to POACH.

What will happen then? What would happen if those once PS2 exclusives dont sell as much as Gears of War 2 million copies? Scary thought. MONEY DOWN the drain.

PS3 has already sold 5 million units worldwide and it still doesnt have a killer app yet although Resistance sold 2 million copies. That means almost 50% of PS3 owners bought Resistance compared to about 20% of all 360 owners for Gears of War.

Once PS3 gets rolling with its titles its game over.

The number dont lie. PS3 sold 5 million units averaging about $599 with NO KILLER APPS.

I would be scared if I was MS or Nintendo.

Wii only sells because of Wii Sports. No other new users will play beyond Wii Sports. The numbers dont lie. Gamers will buy games on Wii but new users will go no further than Wii Sports.

Dont believe me ask any friend or family member to play anything beyond Wii Sports.

PS3 has superior tech and superior build. PS3 wins HANDS DOWN.

Thats why Sony is not gonna waste their cash on once PS2 exclusives.

MS on the other hand is desperate. JUST LIKE POACHERS IN AFRICA...desperate.

But once you POACH there comes a DAY when NO MORE TO POACH and you roll over and DIE!

PS owners dont want a 360 and NEVER will no matter what you POACH MS!!

MK_Red3943d ago

That was hard. Posting such a unrelated PS3/360 comment a totally unflamish thread.

Back to topic: I this game coming to PC like original Turok series?

i Shank u3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

thats your same post from another thread. look IBLEEDBLU agrees withyou! OMGOMGOMG!#&^[email protected](*&#^(P S3RULEZ360DROOLzLOLERZLOLOLsaf g hah. worthless
all you fanboys should take ur gay orgy off this site.

@MK I hope this game comes to PC but i dont think ive seen anything saying so. even the PC couldnt save the horrible turok for ps2/xbox. iremember returning it 2 days later and accepted less then half what i paid(50) for trade in towards onimusha 2. the series needs a "rebirth" to get away from that turd lol. heres hoping for one; turok 2 was sic. having disney interacive handling it sketches me out a little tho.

IBLEEDBLU3943d ago

it had nothing to do with turok but i agree with u. lol 360 is already reaching its limits - notice how games now are gonna start with the multi disc because of the weak DVD9

anyways turok looks cool..but with haze,call od duty 4,KZ2 already on its way i think ill pass - to many FPS - i dont want 2 be a xbot so ill pass on this one...limit myself to 3 FPS lol per year hahaha

i Shank u3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

quiefs when he types

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