DS Camera revealed

As if the DS wasn't already multi-functional enough, Nintendo of Japan has revealed another new way to interact with your two-screen portable: a camera.

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MK_Red3850d ago

With multi-functions of DS (Camera) and PSP (New download service) increasing, the big battle between PSP, DS and iPhone as multi-media devices is getting more intense than ever.

ReconHope3850d ago

when is the psp one coming out!!

wakkiwakko3850d ago

They're about to announce it :p

PS360WII3850d ago

hello add ons. I don't know I never got too into all the extras, but plenty of people like it so very cool that they're bringing it out. Now we need to get a printer for em

ITR3850d ago

Remember the old GB camera and printer.

It's cool to make gifs with that still!