Metro 2033: Xbox 360 vs. PC comparison

Metro 2033 is one of the bigger titles coming to Xbox 360 this month. The game offers amazing visuals - but how well has 4A Games ported the game to the different platforms? Check out this screenshot comparison between the 360 and the PC version of Metro 2033.

The uncompressed 360 screenshots have been taken on a professional grabbing system in 720p while the PC screens have been taken in a resolution of 1280x1024.

The image quality differs quite a bit, since the 360 version has different lighting systems and a different color gradient.

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Bodster3041d ago

Game is looking great on PC but they still did a pretty good job on the xbox version.

I have it on PC but its not letting me install it just now :\

Chubear3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Just watch, this game will come to the PS3 later on with cleaned up graphics, better structured AI and even bonus gameplay content but it will still end up getting the same or lower rating that the 360 version. Bookmark, it's going to happen.

champ213041d ago

is there even a point to this comparison. We know even a 2-3yr old pc running with a 8800gtx rips the 360 apart in just about any game.

just another +1 for the taxfree version.

Montrealien3041d ago

why do you care chubear? never mind, I know, that`s because this is a good game. To bad you will have to wait for this one. I will have finished it on my PC long after you will get the PS3 port. All of us will have moved on to newer, brighter games while you are playing your port of a year old game.

who am I kidding though? As long as you get to play this gem in the long run, that`s all that matters to me. game on man.

sid4gamerfreak3041d ago

It looks great on the pc (obviously), but it also looks good on the 360.


These pics don't do the game any justice. You have to see it in motion on both platforms.

xX_JeneraL_Xx3041d ago

GT review for this game is out. Long story short: get the pc version. Apparently the xbox version has bad textures and all sorts of AI glitches.

JeneraL OUT

vilanova3041d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

the version of xbox is....better???!!!
in second look..the PC have better textures no doubt,but the effects ,color and the light on xbox is better

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crazy17043041d ago

DirectX 11 looks soooo great in Metro!1!
Look @ the difference to the 360-version (which also looks good too).

PrimordialSoupBase3041d ago

Maybe the detail is lost in screenshots but I honestly see no difference between DX10 and 11.

Keanu7773041d ago

I like the light effects in the xbox version more

HoltzHolzt3041d ago

Th lighting looks much better on the 360 in this pic imho

DlocDaBudSmoka3041d ago

that the tire is missing a chunk from it on the 360 version. although i know its just a too dark of a shadow.

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The story is too old to be commented.