1UP: Super Stardust HD review - 9/10

Those hoping for a Geometry Wars-like experience on their PS3s were somewhat let down by last year's Blast Factor, the PSN shooter available at launch. While it definitely looked pretty, that game suffered from inexact Sixaxis controls and, well, a basic lack of the balls-out excitement that Geometry Wars offered.

Super Stardust HD, from the Finnish developer Housemarque, and the sequel to the Commodore Amiga game that you probably never heard of, is everything players were hoping for -- and then some.

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Shadow Flare4033d ago

One of my most frequently played games, but i've yet to complete the final level. Great game
ShadowFlareX - 38,000,000 (arcade)

Why o why4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

shi++ im only on around 23 mil(arcade). the top guys on 350+ mil. he must of been playing for a least an hour and a half straight.
I WILL DO BETTER. This score seems more reasonable. psn Avictal.

MaximusPrime4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

got a lot of works to do.

Fantastic game btw.

Bordel_19004033d ago

this game rocks!

It's beautiful to watch and frantic to play.

MK_Red4033d ago

Now this is one fair score. This game deserves 9 and even a bit 10, one of the best arcade shooters since Geometry Wars IMO. I'm still hating Gamespot for giving it a mere 7.

masterg4033d ago

I'm not following Gamespot at the moment.
I used to think they were fair, but it seems like if the game is on the PS3 it cannot get a decent review.

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