Smallville Hits High Def in September

The 6th season of the popular TV show to make its debut on both formats in an impressive 1080p and 5.1 Dolby Digital sound package on September 18.

Pricing and extra features are reported to be identical with Blu-ray only benefitting from a 4 disc set due to increased capacity as compared to its 5 disc HD-DVD counterpart.

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pandabear4007d ago

In the UK the 6th Season hasn't even aired yet because of this years big brother it has been put back until August - so I think I'll just by importing the blu-ray :-)

JasonXE4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

the HD verison on Directv one time, it was clearer (obviously) but nothing special about it. Smallville is dead to me since last year ago, to many fillers.

Crotin4007d ago

u didnt read it at's on 4 discs for blu-ray, 5 discs for hd dvd...and this is news 4 gamers why?

Birdman184006d ago

this really isn't big news, especially since Smallville already made a "debut" on hd dvd last year.

THX71684006d ago

I really wish they had started with Season 1 of Smallville on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray instead of Season 5. The newer seasons can be found on torrent sites in HD. It would have been cool to watch the beginning of the show in HD.

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