Will E3 2007 spell doom and destruction? Survey says: yes

According to Next Generation's Colin Campbell, "It may be called E3. It may feature some people looking at games in a big room. There may even be some free drinks. But it ain't going to be E3." Though that prediction dates to last year, it seems eerily accurate with just a week left until E3. It's now an open secret of the industry: E3 2007 is going to be a trainwreck. As Game|Life's Susan Arendt casually puts it: "Sure, it's spread out across a zillion different hotels and nobody knows exactly what they're doing or what to expect, but come on... what could possibly go wrong?"

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Phantom_Lee3886d ago

I still dont understand why they changed...

Vojkan3886d ago

Check out latest hotspot( and you will get your questions answered.

DirtyRat3886d ago

I don't understand why people dont get this?

E3 was always meant to be a trade only show, and it turned into a consumer event. All they are doing is taking E3 back to its roots, and E4all in October (or whatever they are calling it) is basically going to be the big bang consumer show we have been used to seeing...

All ths talk of E3 doom is nonsense.

eclipsegryph3885d ago

Amen to that, man. Couldn't have said it better myself.

The thing is, when the exception becomes the norm, people get upset when the exception (consumers inside of the convention, instead of business insiders) gets taken away. It'll just take a few years for the norm to re-establish itself.

funkysolo3886d ago

Hey if he don't want to go, I'll be more than happy to take his place. I think this E3 is better since only gaming media get to go, so there is going to be more coverage I beleave

hazeblaze3885d ago

I think the problem is that it is going to be more than one 30 min cab right and once they arrive at their destination it will be hard to see anything b/c of limited space. Which in turn means that it may be harder for us to get the info we want on new games if the journalists have trouble getting their to view it!

marcellizot3885d ago

I can understand the downsizing, E3 became a very expensive one way street. The only thing I would say is why don't the organizers offer unified live online coverage?

It would be fairly easy to achieve and could be distributed online,via xbox live and PSN (free).

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