Review Round-up: Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Is Ninja Gaiden Sigma a razor sharp entry into the PlayStation 3 catalogue or merely a blunt edged rehash of an already existing Xbox title? Let the opinions of the wide-ranging critical masses by known as GamerSquad brings you the Ninja Gaiden Sigma review round-up.

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Babylonian4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Just wondering what score IGN will give this game.

Thanks deep. Well that is a pretty good rating, the original got 0.1 higher but considering this is a remake it's a pretty good rating.

By the way deep how is it playing the PS3, haven't seen you alot here since you got one. But that's to be expected of cource;) I'm getting one soon (waiting for a price-cut and some more games).

Jaws Jr4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Having played the xbox original I can still say that this game is a treat with its improved visuals and extras. A solid release for the PS3.

MK_Red4033d ago

Of all sites, Gamedaily has given it the lowest. They should have at least given 8.5 or something IMO.

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