PS3 is leading next gen sales in Japan by 2:1

A quick comparison of PS3 and Xbox360 sales from launch.

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ironwolf4029d ago

after all its wiping the floor with the PS3 and XBox360.

Phantom_Lee4029d ago

gotta agree with wolf here....this is lame

FreeMonk4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

What makes it more embarrising for Sony is that if people are not classing the Wii as next gen, there realisticly, Sony are getting thrashed on sales by a current-gen console which is the Wii!

Personally, I think that the Wii IS next-gen. Yeah, it doesn't offer the graphical standard that the X360 and PS3 offer, but the controller is revolutionary and it has lots of new, exciting titles coming out (although not anytime soon)

Reply to #1.3 - Obviously not, because the hardware of the console doesn't change, it's only an add-on controller, whereas the Wii is a completly new console all together with technology that no other console offers (the Wii controller). Yeah, Sony offer something similar, but it just has 6 point movement whereas the Wii has full 360 degree movement, and therefore inovative, making it in my eyes Next-Gen!

Next-Gen is not all about Graphics!

SquallSK4029d ago

Will PS2 with new Wii-like controller be the new next-gen console as well then (it should come before christmas) ??

kurac4029d ago

Oh come on, it's always been about graphic. We're talking about VIDEO games, notice the VIDEO word, yeah, the tool that the game immerses you into its world with. VISUALS! And video games are traditionaly tied with the technological advance, not control-innovation. Control innovation is for accessories, not whole consoles. And no, I think Wii is not true next gen. It's a last-gen console with a next-gen controller. Or a next-gen console with last-gen technology. Or a next-gen console with last-gen visuals. Whatever, not true next-gen.

unsunghero284029d ago

(Heh. Sorry. Couldn't help the Lex Luthor quote)

But seriously SquallSK, the Wii-like PS2 controller was confirmed by Sony to be completely non-existent. Check the article for yourself:

Kaneda4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

is Wii even next gen? maybe it is beyond Next gen with it awesome motion sensor controller..and graphics...

"but the controller is revolutionary and it has lots of new, exciting titles coming out (although not anytime soon) "

You mean remake titles to use wii-controller?

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Whoooop4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

yeah I know is a bit lame, but I think is interesting that sales are picking up for the PS3 despite the wii kicking everybody's butt..

Maybe a sign of what's to come..

PS: I'm new to this submitting news thing, imma get better :)

Vojkan4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Since when is Wii next gen? It is a sized down Gamecube with new and innovative controllers. I give them credit for Wii mote, but this console is not HD system, it last gen when it comes to raw power.

Well thats what i said about controlles.

boi4029d ago

lol well maybe the Wii system isnt next gen but the wiimote is next gen :D

leon764029d ago

I agree with you: WII IS NOT NEXT GEN

XbugPosse4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Of course Wii is last gen, a next gen console was always about technological progress, something that can't be said about Wii.

In some older article some idiots were bragging that Blu will only be as long until digital distribution takes over. One said:

"illbientone - 18 Hours ago

10.1 - strange
People said the exact same thing about Music CD's Look at iTunes. the rest of the industry got left in the dust cause of head in the sand beliefs like yours."

I'm really askin me what is this buddy talkin about, I can still get Music CD's in every place that offered them before. Don't you xbugs understand that in our world there are always different types of consumers? Haha those braindead xbugs are just too funny, they are eating their words on a daily basis. E3 coverage anyone haha xbugs please open your eyes and stop spewing out such ridiculous bullshit

Vojkan4029d ago

Well we 2 agree, now give me bubble before Wii fanboys attack me :-)

lockload4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Next gen is not just graphics the wii is outselling the PS3 by 6 to 1 moving towards 7 to 1 its embarrasing for sony..

PS. Worldwide the 360 is outselling the PS3 by 2 to 1 and unlike japan the difference is 80,000 a month and not 25,000 a month like japan...

This story is a joke!

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