THQ confirms a pair of new wrestlers for SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

Its been awhile since IGN heard any news on the SmackDown front, but the folks at THQ let a few cats out of the bag today when it revealed two more Superstars for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. The good news? Neither wrestler was in last year's game.

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iballa4004d ago

Is Chris Benoit still in the game???

Caxtus7504004d ago

Exactly what popped into my mind. Im not a wrestling fan but after hearing the very sad news I was wondering what was gonna happen. A legend of Wrestling perhaps?

MK_Red4004d ago

Good point. Wether he will be or wont, it will cause some kind of controversy I think.

ScorpioKyle4004d ago

he should be in the game, and his new finishing move should be the Smotherer!

San anto4004d ago

he will not be seen as a legend!!
a show was dedicated to him when he was found dead.
later in the week it was revealed he killed his wife, child then himself.
they apologised for the honourary show and stated they will not mention his name in any further shows.

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boi4004d ago

I would think Chris Benoit would be in the legends list...i do hope so :)

can't wait for this game :D

ReconHope4004d ago

y did he have 2 kill his family?

lawler4004d ago

because you touch yourself at night.

Caxtus7504004d ago

i dunno...lets ask him......

DeadlyFire4004d ago

He will not or will be stripped from the game before it comes out. WWE wants nothing to do with his name at all. They even recalled all his action figures and other stuff and have been removing tributes to him from

Also, CM punk should also have been confirmed as well. There is a screenshot of him in a foreign PS3 Mag.

ScorpioKyle4004d ago

yeah, i didn't even think of snatching up the action figures that we had at my work, some other employees got to them. I was going to "customize" it and sell it on ebay. with a noose, roids and pillow with "smothering action"

BigPimpin4004d ago

3.1 you got that off of Family Guy. LMAO when I heard that :)

A bubble for you :)

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