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Submitted by cyborg 2082d ago | news

New God of War game announcement coming soon?

Gamersmint writes: "Getting the platinum trophy reveals a secret site. Imagine my surprise, after having unlocked the Platinum trophy, when I noticed a website address in my Platinum trophy information.
People following the God of War series will remember a similar teaser site released after God of War 2 which eventually became the announcement of God of War: Chains of Olympus.

And something like can only mean there is something BIG coming our way…soon." (God of War 3, PS3)

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Agent TBY  +   2082d ago
Epic news
Doesn't matter if it's on the PSP or the Triple, great news nonetheless.
TOO PAWNED  +   2082d ago
GOW for PSP was awesome but fuk PSP, i want games on PS3.
anyways Ready at Dawn is back? Believe!
cyborg  +   2082d ago
@too pawned - yea, a new ps3 game would be amazing but the way sony is pushing the PSP and how the last time Santa Monica pulled off this kind of a stunt, it resulted in Chains of Olympus, forces us to speculate a new PSP title. Anyways, let's hope its for the PS3.
raztad  +   2082d ago
No more GoW for the PS3, at least not with Kratos.

Kratos on the PSP would make a lot of sense though. I do want more games for my PSP.
-Alpha  +   2082d ago
I would love to see God of War set in a different mythological timeframe
They are done with Kratos and people have to let it go. You never want a character to be milked.

I would love to see Santa Monica tackle Norse mythology, or whatever else they can because mythology is one of the defining features of God of War and they represent the world amazingly.
qface64  +   2082d ago
i can bet anything if it is another god of war its gonna just end up being another prequel for the psp
your kidding yourself if you think its another ps3 game so soon
PLASTICA-MAN  +   2082d ago
The site doesn't seem will informed, the inverted V he was referring to as an arabic number 8 is false, the inverted V is from indian numbers, the arabic numbers are the ones we are all used to write 0,1,2,3,.....
But anyway, I was expecting the same thing since GOW2 ! GOW must never end !
In the end, there will be only CHAOS !

Edit: Someone here: http://forums.gametrailers.... did a little fiddling around with this website and got this:
- it's a countdown (duh)
- it got 7 'stages', currently the progress bar is at '2'
- there are no hint's in the code for whatever this could be, other than a countdown to something
- there are no hidden links to any other pages, but the video in the loop is named 'g3_stream_video2.flv' and since we are at '2' there will be probably a new video showing more every day/week/month?
- it's possible to fill the bar by editing the xml, but it doesn't do anything because the code just isn't there ;)

Personnaly, I think it is teaser site to give us a secret code to unlock the FULL HD 1080p native mode for GOW3, like they did at the time of GOW2 by showing site like that and after the countdown the site showed a secret code to unlock the HD version, on the PS2, yes yes!
If it is true, then, some X-fanboys will commit suicide !

Edit: @ too pawned below, I know that "V" is 5 in Roman, but if you payed more atterntion I said the INVERTED V he was referring to and shown on the shield which is 8 in Indian !

Edit: @ dir-en-grey and to EVERYONE !
Did you even read the article and my full comment?
The article: " . For one, the insignia resembles the Arabic numeral character for the number 8."

My comment : "The site doesn't seem will informed, the inverted V he was referring to as an arabic number 8 is false, the inverted V is from indian numbers, the arabic numbers are the ones we are all used to write 0,1,2,3,..... "
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TOO PAWNED  +   2082d ago
Plastic man

Lol don't try to sound smart when you don't know what you are talking about. Lol "V" is "5" in Roman (not Indian) numerals lol

The more you know "Plastic" man
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Dir_en_grey  +   2082d ago
Λ is called Lambda.
This is Greek mythology why the hell would you even think of it referring to Indian numbers? *sigh
cyborg  +   2082d ago
@Plastica man:

The Arabic numbers used in Middle East have a V as 7 and an inverted V as 8. This coming from a person who speaks arabic.

Also I stay in india...and in Indian...8 is definitely not an inverted V.
Alcon  +   2082d ago
Name of the site is spartansstandtall (first hint)
the inverted v is Lambda in greek (our equivalent for the letter L)(2d hint)
and Sparta or Lacedaemon (hence the lambda), was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece.(just wiki Sparta or Lacedaemon)
So my guess this game will be centered more around Sparta (and spartans).
Maybe play the rise of Kratos as the commander of his army?
webeblazing  +   2082d ago
if its for psp made by the dev gow coo yea
if its for ps3 please dont make a new game let it end already
randomwiz  +   2082d ago
First, I'm going to attack you, then defend you.

No, the article is correct. An inverted "V" is the arabic numeral 8, but the article talks about eastern arabic numbers, western arabic numbers are the ones you see commonly used now.

You're basically saying a symbol in one type of language can't be used in another? So everyone knows "a" is a in english, so it can't be a in French?
And if you read his comment, he talks about an inverted V.

@1.9 "This is Greek mythology why the hell would you even think of it referring to Indian numbers? *sigh "
Even though your explanation makes more sense, the site said it was an arabic number, and he thought that to be wrong, and tried to clear that misconception and offering an alternate explanation. Unfortunately, he was only half correct.
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DaTruth  +   2082d ago
Started some playthroughs of GoW1 and 2(PS2 versions) in anticipation of GOW3(a little too late) and found myself wondering why the hell I haven't played those games in nearly 3 years! They're both really good games!

@Above: Fishy has the answer down below! It is Greek!

"Λ, is known as Lambda in the Greek alphabet.

Little fact: Used as a shield pattern by the Spartan army; it stood for Lakedaimon, the name of the region."
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Morituri  +   2082d ago
If you really want exotic locales and crazy characters, the best theology base would be Hindu. Their epic poem the Ramayana and Mahabharata are epic poems all about a crazy war with deities. Imagine someone fighting Vishnu etc...
rockleex  +   2082d ago
The video game, confirmed!!!


First, the phalanx ability being introduced in GOW3. Now the Spartan shield symbol.

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!!!! *kicks Aaron Greenburg off the cliff*
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-Alpha  +   2082d ago
Basing the next game on Hindu mythology would be absolutely mind blowing. It's so original, completely foreign to most gamers, and it has the ability to enchant us with the mythological stories.

I would really like to see that happen.
Delive  +   2081d ago
Trying to get excited about this, but.
I'm pretty pissed at GoW3 right now. No Spoilers. The boss battles so far are great, puzzles are great, story is great, all worthy of a 10 score, then they had to make you fly up a chain and dodge things. Not too tough, but so out of character, takes you out of the game, the mood, the feel. Then, after a few more hours, they make you fly BACK down the chain, free falling. You can only hit so much til you die. Bad part is when you hit something, you can't see, increasing the odds that you will hit something else shortly after. Oh and it is an all in one run section. Die, go all the way back to the top. It's sad that the toughest part of the game (for me) is something that is so out of place, so irrelevant to "extracting your revenge on the Gods". This section alone takes away from the game.

End Gripe. Trying again.
Kain81  +   2081d ago
i heard a Rumor long time ago,
that a second GOW spin off is in the making, by Ready at Dawn, but for an unannounced console...i think its the PSP2.
sid4gamerfreak  +   2081d ago
I'm already enjoying the epicness of GOW3.... Another God of War game would be too epic...
Commander TK  +   2081d ago
Λ is not the ARABIC numeral character, it's Indian. These r Arabic numeral characters: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
gryfindor1  +   2082d ago
I remember being really aloof the last time they put up a teaser site. It turned out to be an amazing game on the PSP...this time I cant help but have my hopes really really high.

Dont disappoint us Sony Santa Monica...Im sick of bullshit teases anyways. You are not one of those developers.
JoeReno  +   2082d ago
Chains of olympus
Was the 1st God of War game that I played, and instantly became a diehard fan. I missed the PS2 games because they came out so late in the ps2 life cycle. So I can't relate to the aloofness you felt. Some of the must fun I have had on my PSP
DaTruth  +   2082d ago
Some of the only fun I had on my PSP before PSOne classics came along!
cyborg  +   2081d ago
Can anyone notice the two faces that are hidden in the middle of the circle I have drawn or is it just me?

Related image(s)
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indiagamer  +   2082d ago
this inverted v sign also cums next to a completed challenge of olympians....
TD_RJ  +   2082d ago
"this inverted v sign also cums next to a completed challenge of olympians.... "
Fishy Fingers  +   2082d ago
Λ, is known as Lambda in the Greek alphabet.

Little fact: Used as a shield pattern by the Spartan army; it stood for Lakedaimon, the name of the region.
remanutd55  +   2082d ago
God Of War second game on the psp
JoeReno  +   2082d ago
Chains 2 almost certain
I remember a story here on N4G not long ago, a Sony rep saying that PSP still had big game announcments for the year. This would certainly fit.

A bit more of a long shot could be CoO2 Launch title for PSP2 /\ /\ either way I'm happy. I love my PSP and my PS3.
Aclay  +   2082d ago
I wish there was some way to figure out that timer immediately because there's no telling how long this site has been up.

There's 3 more bars that have to be filled up, and E3 2010 is a just tad bit less than 3 months away...that's the only thing I could come up sounds possible though because with GDC over with, E3 is the next major gaming event, but there's really no telling.

Seems like the only way to have a real good idea when this timer will end is to see how long it takes the Red Bar to progress to the half way point from it's current 1/4 position.
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kvg88  +   2082d ago
prequel Zeus game
or spin-off Kratos' brother epic
Wolf873  +   2082d ago
Maybe it's something about DLC?
But interesting nonetheless. Hope we find out soon enough.
N4G4L  +   2082d ago
i was thinking the same thing man, just looked at the website and if you look at the tab it says God of War 3. so i think you might be right. OMG you know what i think it is DLC, what if its the supposed multiplayer they rumored about a while ago? or something more? hmmm interesting ....

edit: idk about the whole CoO2 idea. they have already stated that kratos story is over. what else could there be left to tell about him. nothing. i may be wrong but who knows
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Handhelds_FTW  +   2082d ago
I hope it's for the PSP
If indeed a new GOW game is to be released. Chains Of Olympus was fantastic and proves that God Of War Portable can be done.

It could just as well be wish full thinking and could just be hinting at future DLC or future non-game GOW product.
FriendyAnil  +   2082d ago
Thanks for the nice post and really like it. i am also interested in game specially online game. and your game is awesome. mostly my favorite game max payen and prince of presia and many more. but your game add my best gaming list thanks for this.
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HaloManiac   2082d ago | Spam
CryWolf  +   2082d ago
If it is a God Of War game I hope its on the PS3 cause the i'm impressed with the graphics and the scale on the PS3.
jdktech2010  +   2082d ago
Wait, wait, wait........hold up

First off, I would be extremely excited if another GOW game comes out because it's a great series done by a great developer.

GOW3 makes the 4th God of War game in 5 years (first GOW released in March 05)
Halo has had 6 games in 9 years so far

It's a question of why you consider Halo being milked but God of War hasn't been?

Anyway, I would love another GOW game soon but I've still got GOW3 waiting on me when I get back home from spring break. And I've got FF13 as well from Gamefly.....I've got a lot of gaming to get through
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bubb13gum  +   2082d ago
Kratos is Sony! There will always be Kratos and Greek mythology is very huge. They didnt even touch the surface of what could be done. I think they go the 300 route...with Kratos and his army trying to conquer the known world. Hence the "spartansstandtall". ..Just like Master Chief is halo...Kratos will always have a story to tell or the game wont sell.
120FPS  +   2082d ago
i wonder if its the rest of the "15 hours" gameplay that it was supposed to have?
huhu0012   2082d ago | Spam
arabiensoldier  +   2082d ago
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The Iron Sheik  +   2082d ago
More 360 fanboys giving away spoilers I assume?

And people have the nerve to say PS3 fans are the worst.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2081d ago
don't know what your crying about but I'd take kratos in part 4 , 5 , 6 ,7 shlt keep them coming . As long as the story is there with awesome combat and you know the graphics will be sick . Just paid 99 bucks for the ultimate , I paid another 99 bucks for part 4 .Only difference is HALO is the same boring shooter

@sheik-- the stupid bots in here are all retarded . i don't check my pm no more . but payback will be a bltch .......
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laid2rest  +   2082d ago
i reckon it might be DLC... at least i hope.
ELite_Ghost  +   2082d ago
wont be as epic as the trilogy...
cyborg6971  +   2082d ago
I wouldn't say that.
jhani  +   2082d ago
Not so early!
I want to enjoy god of war 3 first! I was just playing the game and what a game! The graphics! jess. When Kratos is going through the mountain and the camera zooms in. I have never seen anything like this. god of war 3...
Myth-Psn  +   2082d ago
I reckon its DLC,
Its too early for them to announce something new, and the tab of that page says God Of War 3, spartans stand tall links it to the GOW greek mythology universe, ~(the only one)~.
xer0  +   2082d ago
A count down...
It looks like a count down - much like how MGS: Rising was announced.

Looking forward to the announcement - whatever it is :)
lids345  +   2082d ago
I think it's DLC that is sort of like a prequel due to the URL and the Spartan shield.
rhood022  +   2082d ago
Watching the "Birth of the Beast" video in God of War I gave me an intriguing idea:

Kratos' brother looks awfully like Lucifer in that final shot. He's even in a pit of fire. Now, I know Kratos' story is done, but it'd be wild if Kratos somehow became the single God of Judeo-Christian belief. Like he absorbed the powers of the Greek gods and set himself up in "Heaven" on the ruins of Olympus.

The old testament after all is about a vengeful and angry God.

Krato's brother, wanting the power for himself leads a war against Kratos and you get the "war for heaven" found in the bible. The game would put you into the role of a warrior--possibly Michael-- fighting for Kratos to end the war and stop Lucifer/Kratos' brother.

Obviously a literal interpretation wouldn't make sense but after playing GOW III a lot of the ground work is there. I mean, the great flood, darkness, and plague ended the were constant throughout the game. It wouldn't be too much of a leap to transition that into this story.
deafwing  +   2082d ago
that's not a half bad plot ...
.. you got burning their. I was thinking the same thing about how his brother looked back in GOW I and always wondered why the story was not touched on beyond finding texts scattered out through the stages.

A lot of other things are un accounted for - like Athena.
xAlmostPro  +   2081d ago
after all the detective work, its defo to do with spartans which made me think maye its a new game..

but after visiting the site, its on godofwar.comso its no its own thing, this making me think yes its either a psp title, or dlc for gow3
Omega Zues  +   2081d ago
I pray its DLC
It would just make this already awesome game better!
STRAIGHTASL  +   2081d ago
very good. its fourth game now...
but what about halo? its like eighth game? milking same poop halo!
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