Redmond, we have a problem...

"Since the dawn of console gaming, way back in the pre- 8bit days, exclusive titles have been the key to a successful, long lasting run for the system they represent. In the more modern times, it is not just the number of exclusives the console has, but also the quality. And therefore, a problem, hereby dubbed the "Redmond Syndrome," exists. " discusses the 'Redmond Syndrome.' A name one of the writers has decided to use for third party titles being ported.

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MK_Red3943d ago

True. The Redmond syndrome, Genesis/SNES, PSone/N64 (kinda), PS2/Xbox and now PS3/360.

cain1413943d ago

From the stand point of an Xbox gamer like myself the problem isn't very pronounced; however, I would still love to see the best quality games available made. (Even if it isn't for my console)

coolmatrix3942d ago

Xbox360 had a year head start: Total sales around 10 million with about 30% failure rate give or take. Despite the hottest title Gears of War only 2 million copies or about 20% of 360 users care to purchase the title. ALARMING!!!

MS hopes that POACHING once PS2 exclusives would lead to more 360 consoles sold. NEVER HAPPENED, NEVER WILL! MS doesn't understand PS owners. We don't WANT A 360 - EVER!!!

PLus they are running out of successful PS2 exclusives to POACH.

What will happen then? What would happen if those once PS2 exclusives dont sell as much as Gears of War 2 million copies? Scary thought. MONEY DOWN the drain.

PS3 has already sold 5 million units worldwide and it still doesnt have a killer app yet although Resistance sold 2 million copies. That means almost 50% of PS3 owners bought Resistance compared to about 20% of all 360 owners for Gears of War.

Once PS3 gets rolling with its titles its game over.

The number dont lie. PS3 sold 5 million units averaging about $599 with NO KILLER APPS.

I would be scared if I was MS or Nintendo.

Wii only sells because of Wii Sports. No other new users will play beyond Wii Sports. The numbers dont lie. Gamers will buy games on Wii but new users will go no further than Wii Sports.

Dont believe me ask any friend or family member to play anything beyond Wii Sports.

PS3 has superior tech and superior build. PS3 wins HANDS DOWN.

Thats why Sony is not gonna waste their cash on once PS2 exclusives.

MS on the other hand is desperate. JUST LIKE POACHERS IN AFRICA...desperate.

But once you POACH there comes a DAY when NO MORE TO POACH and you roll over and DIE!

PS owners dont want a 360 and NEVER will no matter what you POACH MS!!

AbyssGravelord3942d ago

Even though your entire post is one made by a blind sony droid, Gears of War sold about 3 Million copies in the first two or three months and now it's at least close to 5 Million copies next time get your facts somewhere reliable and not out of your arse!

M1am1U3942d ago

that post sounds familiar. Almost like you copied and pasted it from another story. Come on, I know you can come up with something else. But really, as much as you may want it to happen, the 360 is not going to roll over and die. Sony has a fight on it's hands with both the Wii and 360. It's going to be tough to swing things in their favor with regards to initial 3rd party game development starting on their platform. It may happen, it may not...who knows, but I think it's going to be an uphill battle.

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littletad3943d ago

What a biased article masquerading as a "neutral look" under the "redmond syndrome". Shouldn't judge a console by its cover? That's Sony's fault. It had 6 extra months of development time, is constantly stated as being more powerful than the xbox 360 yet it's initial batch of games can't even retain quality exactly as their multiplatform counterparts. Technical jargon (such as this), logic, and "wait and see" statements are no longer plausible excuses. What Sony needs is visibility. Proof that their console really is as good as they say it is.

razer3943d ago

Let's blame all of the problems with the Playstation on everybody else but the system and the company itself... This is definately a biased article.. Redmond Syndrome.. give me a FN break... The PS3 just doesn't live up to the hype that Sony and it's fanboys claim.. I know first hand and even though I think it's a great piece of hardware I get way more from my 360. It's not the 360's fault that games look better and play better than on the PS3.. At least the PS3 get's these games.. In the PS2 days games just wouldn't come out anywhere else but the PS2 and being an XBox1 owner that sucked.. Pay back is a beotch

hazeblaze3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

The PS3's 'extra' development time was on the console and not on any of the games being made for it. At any rate, it was a very well written article... as it does well to point out that this is not the first time we're seeing this same scenario play out. Anyway, the power of the PS3 is already being made pretty evident & will be even more clear after next week. I bought a 360 last summer and can agree whole heartedly that there were no truly impressive games before last Nov. And with that said, the PS3 is off to a much better start as far as the games go. Plus, must games aren't looking and running better on the 360 anymore as they were 4-5 mths ago. There have even been some over the past few mths that looked better on the PS3. And so far, the PS3 exclusives are looking a lot more exciting. All & all, I think it's going to be a pretty close race this gen though.

tomfoolery3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

When yer on top,only one way to go!
And the PS3 show is hatin it!!!!!!!

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