Sony reveals E3 Playstation Store content offerings

On the Playstation Store, on the main content board it says E3: Get ready for something new July 11th-July13th. This sign represents that we should get content offerings of E3 on the Playstation Store.

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kingofps34032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

So, "why isn't Sony bringing E3 07 coverage to PS3 like Microsoft?” lol. I hope the people at can breathe easy now.

I really how Sony is gonna do some Live streaming of the Sony Press Conference and the KILLZONE Presentation. OR, give me MGS4 trailer and I am happy.

ps: Just beat The Darkness a couple of minutes ago. It's [email protected] incredible.

Depends, are you a big online multiplayer guy? If yes, then the answer is a ‘NO’. If you are a single-player guy, then you are really gonna like this game.

The single player is phenomenal. Some really cool new, scary, dark, #@%&$%^$ stuff ever seen in a game. There are new gameplay mechanisms. Plus, some new crazy gameplay possibilities. The darkness that you possess only gets stronger and more powerful. Again, the single player is incredible with jaw-dropping visual. A working subway system and a mini-NYC that looks very very nice, if you look up.

Then, there is the multiplayer. Some 10 different maps. DM, TDM, CTF, Survivor. 8 player max. Switch between human and darklings during the game. Customization options.

Then, there are achievements that you can unlock. Did I tell you the single player is ridiculously good? Single player is not 60fps but multiplayer seems 60fps. Overall, it’s a very good game.

***Look at the score in my Bio.

highps34032d ago

Whats funny is that topic "Why doesnt Sony have E3 coverage" had over 100 comments of people bashing Sony, lol!

Cool that Sony is also having coverage looking forward to it! For a free service they sure do provide quite a decent amount of content and consistenly as well..

Enjoy e3 all!

EZCheez4032d ago

I had a guy on my friends list tell me The Darkness was "rent only." Is this true? I'm sure it's a great game, but if you've already beaten it I hope there is extra content to keep you coming back. I want to know because I'm thinking about buying it!

Maddens Raiders4032d ago

no matter which system you own the Darkness is a no brainer imo. Classic game.

Rythrine4032d ago

Its a great game overall. I liked the different Darkness powers you'll acquire throughout the game. Graphics are top-notch specially the voice-acting and the movies itself. The only gripe I have about it is its length. Imo, it was kinda short. I guess Resistance spoiled me a little bit there. Overall, its a must-buy.

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no_more_heroes4032d ago

people are too quick to assume. Yes, I'm a little guilty myself, but I didn't reach the level that you guys reached on that thread asking why they aren't. Now the question remains: how will it stack up to Microsoft's coverage?

drtysouf214032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Just checked here is photo proof!

tethered4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )


Where did you get those? Is that whats posted in the store?

+bubbles for everyone with this news!
(Hit me back by the way)

drtysouf214032d ago

for those that didn't want to check and for those that didn't believe!

Crotin4032d ago

lol aww great...I start to install Ninja Gaiden on my hard drive and then I check this headline lol. I guess i have to wait, it's only on 33 percent so far :((

MK_Red4032d ago

Great news. Hopefully they will put some exclusive PS3 Killzone stuff.

Maddens Raiders4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

up and down making wierd gorilla - chimp like sounds. =]

Now who will be the first person to say this sux somehow? C'mon Vegas is dying to know......

bladestar, sds gamerfiend, ... overfiend, elite gamer, lol? ahhhh....N4G is something else I tell ya......