Gamedaily gives Super Stardust HD 9/10

Up until this point, the PlayStation Network lacked original games. Sure, the Gran Turismo HD pack was pretty sweet (especially considering it was free) and David Jaffe's Calling All Cars wasn't that bad. However, it lacked a "killer app" to lean on, similar to Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars for the Xbox 360. That changed with the release of Super Stardust HD...

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kingofps34007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

What are you talking about?

"Up until this point, the PlayStation Network lacked original games".

MK_Red4007d ago

Not bad. At least they're not like Gamespot giving it just 7. This game is really beautiful and addictive.

timmyp534007d ago

gamespot needs a better team in my opinion

Mycococo4006d ago

this game deffinately deservs higher score than retro evolved. this game has strategy involveed with the ability to switch weopons to blow certain stuff up. the simple fact that your movement isnt confined to a square makes this the best arcade shooter not even considering the realistic break up of the astroids and that the game is hi-def. this game really seperates itself from the rest of the arcade shooters. the emergeny bombs and boost are a nice touch as well.