GameZone: Hop's Top 10 Sandbox Games

GameZone's Steven Hopper shares his picks for top 10 sandbox games. "In a great sandbox game, simply horsing around in the environment and exploring for hours on end can be just as fun as going through the rigmarole of the game's storyline and campaign."

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Caspel2992d ago

GTA IV? No wai! GTA 3 and San Andreas were better.

athmaus2992d ago

meh! GTA is overrated IMHO

Nakerman2992d ago

So glad Crackdown wasn't included!

Caspel2992d ago

oh, c'mon! Crackdown was awesome.

Darren_y22992d ago

I agree with the list, GTA4 offered the player alot to do compared to the other games on the list which had you basically do the same thing over and over.

AlexC2992d ago

Agreed San Andreas is where it's at...also think Saints Row should get some love!

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