Gamedaily: 8/10 for Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Assassin Ryu Hayabusa leaps onto the PlayStation 3 in Tecmo's long awaited, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. In this beautiful and vicious action adventure, players utilize Ryu's numerous skills and weapons to eviscerate his foes, slicing off the heads and harnessing ninja magic to destroy towering behemoths. The game looks much better than its Xbox cousins, Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black, boasting smoother animations and 1080p support. In addition, subtle tweaks like the ability to play as Fiend Hunter, Rachel, extends the replay value. Gamers tired of playing through the same adventure won't find enough new content to justify a purchase. Everyone else, however, should pack their Dragon Sword and prepare for a beating.

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MK_Red3979d ago

I think thats a bit low. All other sites I know gave it 9 and higher I believe.

no_more_heroes3979d ago

a third time around. Thats the only reason I can think of.

Satanas3979d ago

I can see why there are some complaints on the graphics. I noticed a lot of v-lock issues, and the CGI cutscenes were not redone in HD. The game itself is quite good looking, although some textures aren't too well revamped. The polish is where most of its good looks come from.

Gameplay-wise of course is where it excels, really liking the Collector's Case too.

MK_Red3979d ago

Good points. They should have re-rendered the videos. Still haven't played it and can hardly wait.