GameSpot: Exclusive Fracture Preview Plus New Screens

GameSpot's demo began with a recap of the game's extensive backstory, which follows humanity's rough future. Global warming, natural disasters, and disputes between nations concerning genetic engineering have left the world fractured, both figuratively and literally. Out of all that mess comes two major powers: the high-tech, cybernetic East Coast and its European allies, which form the Atlantic Alliance, and the West Coast and its Asian allies, which form the Republic of Pacifica. You'll be repping the Atlantic Alliance as Mason Briggs, a soldier in the AA army with a rough background. The demolitions expert grew up an orphan in the wastelands and eventually found himself in the army. Mason's hard upbringing comes in handy when he's sent to the West to get the Pacificans to simmer down and make nice.

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MK_Red4029d ago

The game looks nice and plays even better. If they do it right, a totally awesome terrain deforming multiplayer and singleplayer would be awesome.