Lair: Direct Feed Creatures Trailer HD

There are more than just dragons in this monstrous game. Here is the direct feed version of the previously off screen trailer.

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fenderputty3647d ago

although it's damn nice. I can't wait to fight that HUGE BEAUTIFUL sea lizard. Quite epic.

MoonDust3647d ago

Some parts look good, like that seamonster.

Jamaicangmr3646d ago

Damn! that game looks epic. I really am gettin more and more excited about this title as the date draws closer. I hope we get a Demo next week on the PS Store.

Sevir043646d ago

of Dragon piss. oh wait, thats just Rohn on is dragon pissing all over others games on all consoles including but not limited to PS3. do you smell it?

original seed3646d ago

Some of the parts look good like the opening scene and the big water lizard but then other parts look pretty awful. For example Some of the big monster textures are balnd (not all but some "Inconsistant") and the floor is Flat and the monster seem to be glidding on it and not actually stepping on it with impact.

Omegasyde3646d ago

The game levels is measured in miles not feet what do you expect?

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