No Rogue Warrior At E3 2007

BethSoft PR head Pete Hines told FiringSquad that Rogue Warrior will not be making an appearence at E3 2007. It was also mentioned that Fallout 3, the post-apocalyptic RPG that's attracting quite a lot of attention lately, will be available at E3. According to Hines, "We aren't talking about RW until we're ready to show what we've been up to." A new release date for the game has yet to be announced.

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Rybnik4034d ago

Good. I would rather hear more about Fallout3. The E3 playing field is saturated with War FPS/3PS games anyhow (and 2 be sure, I look forwards to seeing many of those) I just like a bit of variety:)

GoLeafsGo4034d ago

I wonder if Bethesda isn't showing this game because they want all the attention to go towards Fallout3.

Or heck, maybe it's because E3 is smaller now =\

Rybnik4033d ago

I think its your first suggestion.

ReconHope4033d ago

where u can booby trap dead bodies? lol