1UP: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review

Shane Bettenhausen of 1up reviews Ninja Gaiden Sigma:

"When I originally reviewed Tecmo's genre-redefining action-adventure for Xbox, I honestly gushed, "I've never played a prettier game." Well, times change...and modern games such as Gears of War and Lair clearly push the graphical envelope far beyond Team Ninja's stunning last-gen achievement.

It's impressive, though, that Ninja Gaiden Sigma's visuals can still hang tough on PlayStation 3 -- thanks to some expert nip/tuck artistry, Ryu Hayabusa's adventure looks sexier than ever. And since the original version looked so damn fine, you'll be tempted to think that minimal effort went into these revamped PS3 visuals. But give the older game a second look and you'll appreciate the stunning new texture work and improved lighting.

Although the full game has benefited from a fresh coat of graphical gloss, it's the handful of all-new environments (like the gorgeously immolated village at the end of Chapter 2) that truly impress..."

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Maddens Raiders3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )


MK_Red3910d ago

I'm dying to play this game. Its been a while since I played a really hard game and Ninja Gaiden is just the game that will punish me! Great review.

fenderputty3910d ago

It's a pretty damn good game.

Giggidy giigidy @ bouncing bazooms.

DgDX3910d ago

Is sad that says" upcoming Xbox 360 ninja gaiden sequel", no ps3 version, I hope this changes with the time, the sigma sales should make them rethink this decision

Lex Luthor3909d ago

Team Ninja don't do ports.

DrPirate3910d ago

This is all proof that Itagaki and crew know what the hell they're doing.

More power to 'em!

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