Final Fantasy XIII is Pretty, but Story Misses Mark

Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix's excuse to show off the White Engine. However, pretty graphics do not a good game make. Can the rest of the game hold up under the weight of its own pleasing aesthetics?

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aaron58293197d ago

I cant decide !!

Whether to buy or not....

InLaLaLand3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I wonder if the story is good or not.

R_19933197d ago

The story is decent, quite similar to FF X's (at least that's what I thought). The whole game in general is quite similar to FF X.

InLaLaLand3197d ago

Cheers for telling me, I'll purchase this tomorrow.

ChozenWoan3196d ago

Your ex military/freedom fighter who is out to fight the government (FF7). You set out to save a girl but along the way you discover a top government secret and end up fighting to save the world (FF10).

I stopped playing after 10 hours in to play GoW3, but I'm pretty sure that's the gist of the story in FF13.

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