Crysis: Tools of Destruction - Exclusive 3 minute long weapons video

While AI and level design retain a high level of importance in any first-person shooter, the first line of defense remains the actual weapons that players will be employing during the game. Being that Crysis is set in the near-future, many of these tools of destruction will be fairly conventional at their base though don't count out weapons found farther into the game that provide a little more bang for the buck.

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The_Firestarter4031d ago

that...was...awesome! ^__^ Only a few months away. CRYSIS FTW! I love the real time weapon modding.

masterg4031d ago

The first company that says they will have this on their console will have a system seller bigger than anything so far. (unless killzone really delivers at E3)

supnub54031d ago

you could've make a different name to a video R&C: Tools of Destruction. See. copiers