How Early 2007 Transformed Gaming

How does the game world spin once it's been flipped upside down? Witness what happened during the last six months, one of the most surprising periods of gaming in years that was marked by a handful of trends radical even for a world ready for a motion-sensitive video game controller shaped like a TV remote.

By the start of 2007 gaming had been transformed, and an avid player could have reasonably assumed that the biggest shocks to the industry were over. Nintendo had gone from third-place GameCube maker to manufacturer of the hottest console on the market, the Wii. The PlayStation 3 had gone from impending juggernaut to embattled contender. "Gears of War" had emerged as the biggest new game on a console since "God of War."

How could the first half of the next calendar year upstage what's happened so far in 2007 - particularly when there wasn't even an Electronics Entertainment Expo in May this year to provide a spring of surprises?

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Maddens Raiders3916d ago

just laughing....

Notorious Gamer will know why. =]

Dudeson423916d ago

Was once #1. In fact, they've ALWAYS been #1 in the handheld market so even when the cube bombed, I've always had faith in them. Playstation is only 3 generations old, and Xbox is only 2. Nintendo is on it's 5th true console generation and has seen the likes of Atari and Sega blink out before their eyes. Granted, the Playstation brand had more to do with Sega falling than Nintendo did, but yet the big N is still around. I own PS1/2, Wii, 360, DC, and countless older gen systems but in my opinion you can never count out a company that has been around as long as Nintendo has, regardless of how many shaky business decisions they appear to be making.

Kokoro3916d ago

good read. Now that's a well written article.

Marona3916d ago

"The Rise Of The Game Fragment

As one might have expected, some of the biggest-selling games of the first half of 2007 were standard, full-size games. "God of War II," "Guitar Hero II" for Xbox 360 and the pair of "Pokémon" games for the DS all commanded full price for a full disk or cartridge of fun."

God of War II is on XBox 360?

ReconHope3916d ago

thats a sony exclusive.