The Last Remnant Teaser Trailer

IGN Host the first trailer for The Last Remnant, for the Xbox360 and PS3.

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MK_Red3977d ago

Great find deep. Cant wait for this game. Since FFXII looks to be absent from E3, I think this is the title that Square will focus on the most.

FreeMonk3977d ago

Looks nice, and the trailer reminded me of Lost Oddysey on X360 with the battlefield look.

I hoping thought that this game is not using the new FFXIII engine, because if it is, I'm a little disappointed, especially seeing how pretty the trailers were for FFXIII were.

It is a good stance for MS to finally get an original RPG from Square-Enix on there console. Shame it's not a FF game, but it's got to be little steps for them.

It should especially keep the Japanese customers happy and the rest of the world happy until FFXIII finally arrives!

no_more_heroes3977d ago

then it could mean more simultaneous releases of other SE RPGs for the 360. Hell, maybe one or two exclusive ones.

Nicosia3977d ago

*looks like maniac, 2008 no why no why?* it looks freaking awsome!!

Shaka2K63977d ago

X360 is dead in Japan. the only reason this game is also coming to x360 is beacuase of that ''we cant support Sony to much'' stament Square made a while back.
anyways we all know x360 and wii will get all the side quest and quick-buck games from Square and PS3 will have the real tittles like FFXIII & Versus ect.

razer3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

This game was announced before the PS3 even launched.. Is the hold up because they had to get the PS3 version finished? I guess I always thought this was a 360 exclusive... Looks dumb anyway, tons of CGI and hack'n slash gameplay like most Square stuff on the PS.. You can definately keep this game and all the FF crap... Square just doesn't make games I enjoy.. Just please stop holding up games for the PS3 and it's overly complicated, underperforming Cell..

(grumble grumble)

techie3977d ago

Was this game announced befor PS3 launch?

Counter_ACT3977d ago

No it wasnt, it was announced just before the Square Enix party. They hadn't even patented the name until after TGS 06.

Marona3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

No it wasn't. This is the one that was to believe "FF VII-2" when "The Last Remnant" was registered by Square Enix until a few weeks later Square Enix announced it, which was this year around April-May.


Tsk, Why Counter_ACT WHHHHYYYY! lol

chrno63977d ago

yeah enjoy ur shooting fest, fellow American.

Rybnik3977d ago

Don't spout off like something is true unless you can really back it up. Like many said, the Compilation of FFVII project has nothing to do with this and never did. This is brand new, essentially April/ May 2007.

The FFVII games all run on different engines and platforms, the latest, which I assume is the one you incorrectly identified as the Last Remnant project is FFVII Crisis Core for the PSP. I believe its coming out around Q4 2007 in Japan.

On topic, this looks interesting. I look forwards to seeing more at E3.

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