Fallen Earth St. Patty's Day Pub Crawl, March 17

Those crazy leprechauns over at Icarus Studios have done it again. They're putting on a wasteland-flavored St. Patrick's Day pub crawl sure to please anyone who likes apocalypses, beer, the color green, or post-apocalyptic green beer. Log in to Fallen Earth between 11:00 am March 17 and 1:00 am March 18 and stop by any of the watering holes listed in the original press release to join in the tomfoolery.

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PirateThom2959d ago

St. Patty is the stupidest term ever.

Lucreto2959d ago

Its St. Paddy's Day not St. Patty's Day.

steve30x2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

When are some Idiots going to learn its spelled as st paddy's day not St. Pattys day. Patty is a womans name. Its been reported for bad spelling.