Sony Versus Nintendo

Can Sony's PlayStation 3 ever catch up with Nintendo's Wii? Should video games be classified as addictive? And what's the best game of 2007 so far?

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TriggerHappy3735d ago

The best game so far that i have PLAYED is GOW.

And yes, the ps3 can catch up to the wii, it wont be easy but is still not too late. Games are not addictive, is all about self control. *grabs GOW*

kornbeaner3735d ago

is that God O.W. or Gears O.W.

God is better but whats your take?

DrWan3735d ago

obviously he meant God of War

hikikimori3735d ago

I don't think Sony are in the same race as Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3734d ago

yet they both trying to sell gaming hardware.

leon763734d ago

but one is a nice piece of hardware and the another, please...

deepujatt20053735d ago

$6 candy vs $2 candy
which one would u buy?

DrPirate3734d ago

6$ if it's bigger and sweeter tasting and takes longer to melt in your mouth :P.

Presidentjr3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

He meant Gow. Go figure. GOW is the first actual nextgen title IMHO

TheMART-sucksdick3734d ago

Microsoft can be quite random at times. lol

Ps. could someone give me my 6th bubble back, i return all.

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The story is too old to be commented.