Army Of Two: The War Machine

1up writes:

"Since the War on Terror began, the floodgates have opened on the outsourcing of the American military. Companies like Blackwater have received multibillion dollar contracts from the United States government to provide services in Iraq -- services that range from the training of troops to logistical support to, yes, even fighting the enemy.

In fact, in Iraq today, there are over 120,000 military contractors -- nearly as many as U.S. troops on the ground -- and a good deal of them work as private soldiers. But these are the guys you don't usually hear about. If one of them dies in Iraq, it doesn't contribute to the U.S. military death toll. And they don't apply to the argument of whether American troops should be withdrawn from Iraq; they'll remain as long as they continue to be paid. They're in the business of war -- and right now, business is pretty darn good.

In Army of Two, you get to see how this industry works firsthand. Between missions, cut-scenes tell the story of how the protagonists, Rios and Salem, get pulled into the private military company world and what that ultimately means for them..."

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