God of War 3: 1000 Hit Combo Glitch Emerged

A new video shows how you can easily perform a 1000-hit combo in God of War 3. And yeah, this unlocks a trophy.

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Mr_Bun2867d ago

What a waste of time....Just clear the game once, and use one of the items that unlock like the infinite rage or magic.

Hanif-8762867d ago

This isn't a glitch if you really think about it!

butterfinger2867d ago

Mr. Bun? If you did, you would know that using the costumes/items disables trophies. This really isn't that hard to do, though.

Mr_Bun2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Nope, haven't beaten the game yet. I wasn't aware that you couldn't use the costumes to attain trophies like you could in the previous GoW games.

Either way, I would argue that this isn't the most exhilarating way to spend 20 minutes in this game

FishCake9T42867d ago

LOL At the "20 Minutes Later"

TotalPS3Fanboy2867d ago

1000 hit combo is nothing for Kratos.

ThanatosDMC2867d ago

Pfft... i was able to do over 9000!

Convas2867d ago

LIES!!! I've barely even reach the 200 hit mark :( none of my buddies have gotten anywhere higher than that either.

deathbetold2867d ago

its not hard getting above 250 300 in normal mode . havent made it past that thought and i use l1+ square non stop

Biggest2867d ago

The 9000 comment is a running funny. You missed it.

CryofSilence2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

He was referring to this viral DBZ quote.

Army_of_Darkness2867d ago

I'll attempt a 1000 hit combo the professional/ skillful way, not some boring, cheap, noobish trick! dammit! I will not make Kratos stoop to such a low level just to get a useless trophy...

Hmmm.. I'm gonna try a 1000 hit combo when fighting those medusa snake chicks, since its really easy to do air juggles with them...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )


You didn't understand the joke from Thanatos. Is related with:

By the way, here you can see to get 1000 Hits in less than 5 Minutes:

Kratos Spartan2867d ago

I've got a 1493 hit combo in GOW II, so I know this is possible

nbsmatambo2867d ago

it would have sucked if he missed the grapple @ 999 hits

ThanatosDMC2867d ago

It's actually this one:

It's garnered 6 million+ views. People in youtube have a lot more time in their hands than we do.

Convas2867d ago

... but I've been around the block a few times, and I was trying to be funny. Half the neighborhood came out trying to help me across the street. Sheesh.

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Voltago2867d ago

don't care about the glitch, I simply love the game

joydestroy2867d ago

i'm with you on that. it's so beautiful and the gameplay is epicness

athlon7702867d ago

I have mine in hand (pre-order from Amazon) but I have yet to open it, still working on FF13. But I do not think I can hold off much longer, will tear into it tonight. I was trying not to break it open till ff was further along (didn't want to dis ff ya know). Anyway, I should not have come in here today because reading all the posts have lit the fires. FF be darned, I want my Kratos!

movements2867d ago

Now that's serious business lol.

butterfinger2867d ago

imagine this thing failing after 900 hits or so! That would so much time and effort wasted! Lol.

Alcon Caper2867d ago


da305kratos2867d ago

I needed a good laugh on this rainy day :)

lovestospoodge2867d ago

that is a very valid point, oh well, we're not all perfect, but at least we are privileged enough to play this masterpiece!

Alcon Caper2867d ago

hgaha, i got the year wrong! 2010!!!

corneliuscrust2867d ago

even glitched your comment!~

burn it! damn you kratosssss!!!!

Alcon Caper2867d ago


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