Rumor: New Xbox 360 Model Slims Down

Kotaku: These pictures apparently show the guts of a new model of the Xbox 360. The important bits? The fact that for the first time the console combines the CPU and the GPU in a single chip. Oh, and it's small.

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Hanif-8763134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I'd want to buy this redesign baby especially if it has a DVD slot loader, please no more freaking trays and an internal power supply @ $130 and watch then Xbox360 sales KABOOM :-)

Godmars2903134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

In price as well as shape, considering its width measures the same as the console's.

WildArmed3134d ago

remodeling always makes sales go boom.
Even previous owners make the jump.. like wat happened with fat ps3 to slim.
Or people that are holding back after their last console died.

It'd be interesting to see their announcement at e3

captain-obvious3134d ago

what well happen to all those HDD's ?
i dont know
we've heard this alot of times
but didnt see anything yet

green3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

i am no expert but cant they supply a data transfer cable that will allow you to connect your old HDD to your console and stream the data to it or out right copy all content to the new one? I presume the new one will either be 2 skus, Arcade (hopefully no more) and a 250gig sku.

As for me, i am all up for a smaller quieter 360 because mine is still the november 05 launch model and we all know how noisy those models are.

EDIT: Judging from the picture, the redesigned 360 will be very very small.

wwm0nkey3134d ago


Your first 7 words where fine and on topic, the rest of them had nothing to do with anything at all.

97gsx3134d ago

Foxxconn needs to get there act together this is a huge leak. Actually this is more than likely a test board for bench testing. The dvd drive would be too close to the cpu heatsink and this would cause alot of heat. I also dont see a memory card reader. Boards are extremely expensive to fab out so this is real but is it a retail board or a test one?

3134d ago
captain-obvious3134d ago

if this was 130$
i wonder who the 360 is going to last for 10 years while losing its price too fast

spandexxking3134d ago

wow it looks like it has a decent heatsink with fan this time.
@1.3 dont know what you're talking about, the SNES had a slim version so technically everyone is copying them

lonix3134d ago

So technically your comment is no factual

siyrobbo3134d ago

@ God_Of_Epicness

how are they copying sony? you think sony are the first company to make a better smaller console mid cycle?

**cough** sega genesis 2 **cough**

gaffyh3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Looks the same size to me 0_o. Also I think it is fake, look at the image below to explain why. Also, this means that the 360 might be smaller, but it will be no slimmer, because the fan will make it fatter. Also this will mean that there's a grill at the top of the console to let the air out.

CadDad3134d ago

Dead center baby! It's the first console I can remember to have a slim version.


Kushan3134d ago

Nice Image, Gaffy, I agree it does look like a big fake, but one thing the image overlooks is USB ports the two "WTF is that?" bits could easily be USB ports (Current 360 has one on the back and 2 on the front).

The rest of the image is pretty spot on, though - Coller Master? I don't think so, but who knows, I guess it COULD be a very early prototype or something. We know a Motherboard revision is definitely coming, the question is simply - is this it?

MmaFanQc3134d ago

its still only a xbox 360

catguykyou3134d ago

You assume the fan is on the same side of the board as the DVD drive. Rotate that image around 180 degrees and the fan is on the left, letting the DVD drive go snugly on the right. It would be close but not on top of the fan. The PS2 slim had a similar design. Also, vacuum DVD drives can be very very skinny.

vhero3134d ago

slim always gonna be there since Sony always do it but a coolermaster fan? FAKE no way would there be a BRANDED fan inside the guts of this early model or not.


This Story and picture are nothing but a fake that should be reported and removed.
I right clicked and "Save Picture As" Opened it up in Photo Shop and zoomed in. Ohh my what do i see lol

1st There is a Piece of main board missing where the fan/Heatsink extends past the mainboard.

2- The power for the fan does not connect to the fan lol instead they photo shoped it going directly into the heat sink which is not possible in real life, you dont mount power wires inside a HOT piece of metal.

3-the fan/heatsink used is not only a step backwards because there is only a basic heat sink with no heat pipes, plus its branded with a name "cooler master" Funny i didnt think MS would advertise for another company that makes PC cooling fans.

4-Zooming in on the main board shows many BLUR and CLONE EFFECTS used by photo editing software. There are several chips that were blured/cloned into this picture.

5-there is a quarter size hole in the center of the main board, if your trying to reduce the size of a circuit board you dont waste space as every inch is needed to cram everything together.
Beside that I have yet to come across a Mainboard that has a HOLE in the center, The only boards i have seen with this hole are DAUGHTER BOARDS in DVD drives and older Hard Drives as the hole is needed to allow the board to lay flat over the motor hump.

Sorry people but there will be no Xbox slim ever, maybe a xbox 720 down the line that i still wont buy however the 360 is basically done with revisions etc this generation.

darthv723134d ago

The changes they have been making to the various chipsets to reduce heat and size have always been leading up to a full physical revision. The current questions are the type of dvd drive used and if there will be internalizing of the hdd. Not to mention the power supply.

Ms could use either a slot load dvd drive or a slim dvd like what is in laptops. The hdd could also be internalized (which defeats the ability of upgrading) provided they make it a suitable size that may not require upgrading like the 20's and 60's. As for the power, the board revision will most likely require less power thus resulting in a reduced power supply.

Just to also point out, go check out what ben heck has been able to do using the existing design and making the overall unit more slim. MS has been working on ways to improve the unit and reduce size, cost and repairs (RROD). I am betting there will be more at E3.

gaffyh3134d ago

@Kushan - Yeah, someone else pointed out the same thing, with the port on the right being a Memory card slot. I just though that port on the right would be the USBs because that is how it is now.

jjohan353134d ago

Don't buy it the first year, guys. It may RROD again.

MrMiyagi3134d ago

lol, sorry you guys make it so easy :/

On topic, why would they make a new slimmer sku when they didn't fully get rid of the RROD...

Kotaku claims its around 30% or less but i call BULL on them.

I don't see it happening, not by a long shot!

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LordMarius3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Oh MS hardware, this should be fun to watch

lol, they cannot even fix their RROD problems and now they want to copy Sony

Wrathman3134d ago

i think its disgusting that a company re-releases the same hardware only in a slim version,2 years after an attempt to get a sales boost...oh...wait.....

snesfangirl3134d ago

anyways enough for me responding to the ignorant sony girls on real question is, if they slim it down or whatever, how will the hard drives fit?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3134d ago

you know Nintendo and Sega did slim models 20yrs ago, so isn't Sony copying them?

AngryTypingGuy3134d ago

LOLing at people who disagreed with Jason 360. People, they DID have a slimmed NES and Genesis. LOOK IT UP! And by the way the RROD epidemic is long gone. I'm sure there is the occasional problem, but that'll happen with any system.

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badkolo3134d ago

one of mine is a launch as well and when its on its sounds like there is a crew breaking concrete in my house while a helicopter is flying around my bedroom.

but i wouldnt trade her for the world

green3134d ago

i understand what you mean. If i get a redesigned one, i will just box up the old one in its original box that i still own. Won't trade it in for anything.

lonix3134d ago

You wouldn't get anything for it even if you did trade it

bjornbear3134d ago Show

will buy another 360 console, specially if its SLIM and at $150.00. My 360 rigth now have been baned for playing a "Pirate of the Carribean DVD". I will gladly buy another if MS also make LIVE free or at least cheaper.


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tudors3134d ago

the data transfer cables have been out since the elite was launched.

Halo3 MLG Pro3134d ago

The 360 already profits with every console sold. This will bring the price down some more and will definitely increase sales. Once this baby comes out, you can put the final nail in the coffin for the ps3.

DatNJDom813134d ago

Sh!t I've been hearing that since like 2006. PS3 is still here and isn't going anywhere. In fact, expect it to grow in NA (more consoles overall in the world). I just wonder if this "360 slim" is finally NOT going to RROD, cause you know "things break".

Biggest3134d ago

How did Halo3 MLG Pro get those bubbles back?

If the failure rate is actually within industry standards, and I mean seriously this time, I can finally get a 360. Are there any release time frame rumors yet?

GenerationWinner3134d ago

The ps3 has been in a coffin since its release day lol. Dont you feel sorry for them. Last place consoles allways end up in the coffins first.

lonix3134d ago

How many cardboard coffins M$ has mailed out across the globe?

siyrobbo3134d ago

actaully this gen has been pretty healthy for all 3 consoles, moreso than in past years

3134d ago
Pennywise3134d ago Show
bjornbear3134d ago

use all the nails you want

you are sealing an empty coffin fool

PS3 is Lazarus =) but you wouldn't know who Lazarus is do you? poor soul....

Kushan3134d ago

Face it, the 360 didn't win this generation. And neither did the PS3. They keep one-upping each other, with different times each console coming out on top.

And I like it this way.

arny3134d ago

it just reminds me that the ps3 and 360 are getting dissed by little kids and their wiis

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