Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Sticks to UMD for North America

When Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was released in Japan late last year, it was only exclusive to UMD leaving PSPGo owners not able to play the title.

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tunaks13168d ago

this is the most one of the most anticipated titles for the psp, and im sure there are more psp(1000-3000s) out there then PSPGOs
anyway cant wait!

STK0263168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Are you somehow implying non-Go users cannot play the PSN version of games?

I don't mind all that much since I have my 2000 along with my Go, but I can't understand this decision, then again, this is from SE, the same publisher who has yet to release FFIX and Crisis Core on the PSN.

I also fail to understand why they wouldn't put it on the store, considering that PSN versions usually benefit from faster loading compared to UMD versions, cost less to produce and are offered to a bigger market (every PSP can play PSN versions).

When you look at the PSP's lineup for the year (atleast what has been announced as of now), it's pretty clear that Kingdom Hearts BbS is an essential part of that lineup, just like ModNation Racers, Persona 3Portable, Peace Walker and Valkyria Chronicles (actually, these are the only 5 titles I can think of right now...). With such a weak lineup (not quality wise, but quantity wise), you'd think Sony would atleast try to get all of these critical titles on the Go, considering it is supposed to be the future of handheld gaming...

Blaze9293168d ago

you'd think it be an easy process to just put the damn thing up digitally. Apparently there are some behind the scenes stuff that is causing publishers/developers to not want to do it. Maybe fees from Sony? Who knows...would be interesting to find out. I thought all PSP games were required to have a digital copy when the Go launched. Feel sorry for those who bought one and risk the chance to not be able to play the games they want

DailyAddict3168d ago

Seriously, f u Sony. I thought all future games were "required" to have digital copies AND umd copies. That's proof that Sony isn't even standing behind their own product and I'm all ready pissed that I can't get Crisis Core for PSP Go so this just confirms that I'm selling that crap immediately.

C L O U D3168d ago

PSP GO should not exist.

sashimi3168d ago

It's Square-Enix.....that's all i have to say.

rezzah3168d ago

who cares, stfu up and go buy the game when it comes out.

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