Destructoid: Final Fantasy XIII Review

It's the worst main chapter in the Final Fantasy series to date, and if this is the future of the franchise, that future is incredibly bleak indeed."

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PirateThom3114d ago

Destructoid are the best troll site ever.

AliTheBrit193114d ago

Dont approve this tripe, and dont give the website a hit

They gave a 2/10 game a 10/10 and an amazing game like Assassins Creed II a 4.5/10

They just look for hits.

W-k3114d ago

i agree this site sucks report this [email protected]

bboss3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Destructoid's not the problem, it's that fat f*ck Jim Sterling. He's trying pathetically hard to be that critic who hates everything. You can tell he's insecure too as he defends himself and call you a fanboy when you say something on the site's comment section.

Ninji3114d ago

Don't just look at the score, read the review. It brings up some good points and it really shows just how mediocre FF13 is. I guess it's hard when reality hits you like this so you desperately try to find ways to justify your purchase.

Shadow Flare3114d ago

- a subsidary of Edge -

Don't give this website hits

PirateThom3114d ago

Why would I read a review of a game I already own and know is good?

The Time Reaper3114d ago

Reality? Last time I checked, how much one enjoys a game is subjective, not fact.

"you desperately try to find ways to justify your purchase."

A smart gamer plays what they want and doesn't need to justify anything in the face of ONE random blogger's review score/personal opinion. Only sheep let reviews dictate their entertainment time.

topdawg1223114d ago

God, does anyone actually take this site seriously? Man, theres no way the game is this bad. I really thought this was a legitimate site, it seems like I was wrong. Totally undeserving for FFXIII, this is why you don't take anyone's review seriously but your own

Genesis53114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

If anybody deserves to be fired it's Jim Sterling. He makes a complete mockery of the entire gaming community. No I would never give that site a hit and would tell anyone that ask to just stear clear of it.

Kevin McCallister3114d ago

It's definitely not that bad. Being about 15 hours into the game, I've been wondering the whole time if some of the pre-release reviewers played the same game I am. What's happened to Destructoid is sad though and its downfall can directly be blamed upon Jim Sterling. The site was not like that 3 years ago. It went from a bookmarked site that I visited multiple times a day to a site I only hear about here when Sterling is looking for hits.

LostDjinn3114d ago

What's funny is that if you check meta, this score only counts for the PS3 version. That said, people don't have to ask themselves why little Jim scored this one the way he did. It's obvious.

Timesplitter143114d ago

Completely ridiculous.

FF13 is a great game

HolyOrangeCows3114d ago

That fat troll knows this will get attention, especially with the PS3 version outshining the 360 version.

Maybe Square should have packaged a burger with the review copy.

colonel1793114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

The site might suck, and they could be fanboys, but I actually agree with the review (except the last paragraph). Everything they wrote was spot-on with what I've been thinking of the game. Maybe it doesn´t deserve a 4, and the game is highly enjoyable.

The game really was done to show off the visuals, the battle although fun, they are semi-automatic. The eioidons (spelling?) really are useless, why would the stagger reset when they disappear? Having to re-sort your paradigms every time the game changes characters is annyoing, however not a big deal.

About the story, they should have focus more about showing us the world they live in, and the characters. It really does feel like you walk in after the movie had started and some plot-starter had been revealed already so you start wondering what is going on until you start catching up.

All in all, and I had never read any destructoid's review, I really liked it because they focused on the things that the game IS and HAS, instead of deducting points for not having multiplayer, or being 30fps instead of 60

Does the game deserve a 4/10? NO, was the review a very good, very well written review? YES

Is God of War 3 EPIC? HELL YES!

hay3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Author is a bit too b*tchy but it's good review IMO. He makes quite a bunch valid points. But it's a 6/10 game IMO.
Damn, it's first good Destructoid review I've read. A bit exaggerated, but good nonetheless.

HolyOrangeCows3114d ago

"What's funny is that if you check meta, this score only counts for the PS3 version"

Same with the Edge review. Pathetic fanboy sites are pathetic.

IrishAssa3114d ago

I'd giveit a 6, too boring but 4 is too low I think, I agree it is the worst i've played(havn't played XII or X-2 though)

They gave AC2 a 4.5? wow, that was a good game 8/10 for me atleast

sunil3114d ago


FFXIII is a good game... by no means a great game.

One point made in the article is about the Auto Battle option. Honestly, how many times have you used Libra and the Auto Battle repeatedly... I would have said it plays itself (much like prince of persia) if not for the Paradigm system which makes for an interesting dynamic.

Personally I prefer FF X to XIII

Redempteur3114d ago

sigh ...

Troll review .. worse main character ?

FF13 doesn't have a main character .. like ff6 it's a group ...

that fact alone tell me this review is a joke ...

KiRBY30003114d ago
EDGE review 50
destructoid review 40

none of these reviews are on the 360 meta score.


Christopher3114d ago

I'm surprised the main guys over at Destructoid allow this. Don't they see what it does to their reputation when they literally bash the hell out of AC2 and FFXIII, two good but not great games?

FF7numbaone3114d ago

they should change their rating system to 5 instead of 10

rexus123453114d ago

The reviewer is the same guy who thinks Deadly Premonition is good
Does tell you a lot about his personal taste.....

TotalPS3Fanboy3114d ago

and the 360 version, Final Fantasy 13 could have turn out perfect.

D*mn you Wada, and d*mn the 360 version for ruining the PS3 version.

HighDefinition3114d ago

It`s got me SUPER hype for Versus, being more mature.

Lightning is Hardcore.

Army_of_Darkness3114d ago

whoa! whoa! whoa!..... whoaaaa! Hold the F#@K up a second...
you can take arms... you can take my Life... you can take my head... But No way in hell, you can take all these points off FF13 and my freedom!!!!!! curse you!!!

BYE3114d ago

I always find it hilarious how much the people on the site worship every freaking article.

Like it's the only website on the planet.

jjohan353114d ago

Dude destructoid said Assassin's Creed 2's graphics is worse than Assassin's Creed 1's graphics. That statement alone tells me how blind destructoid is.

Destructoid: The Activision of gaming journalism.

exnihilonihilfit3114d ago

I knew it was sterling as soon as I saw the score. He's just an attention whore. Own it, love it, only taking a break to play GOWIII. True, the voice acting is dodgy at times, but people exaggerate how annoying Vanille is, and underplay the truly annoying Snow.

FrankenLife3114d ago

He writes this stuff solely to get people angry. The comments people leave him, seriously get him off. Jim Sterling stays up late at night wanking to angry fanboy comments. He is very straight forward about it. It isn't Destructiod that is the problem, it is just him. His reviews shouldn't be counted for Metacritic, because his reviews aren't based on any sort of honest interpretation of the game. He is just another fat man on the internet that can be ignored. The problem is that Metacritic scores can actually influence the lives of the the people that make games. His lunacy shouldn't impact the lives of those people.

TheHater3114d ago

When "SONY" Fan call Destructoid a bunch of idiot running a site, everyone call "SONY" fans idiot. Now that Destructoid has given FFXIII a bad score, Destructoid are idiots.

Alvadr3114d ago

I cant even begin to say where I disagree with the comments in this review. Has this guy actually played the game?

coolfool3114d ago

I find myself agreeing with a lot of his points. Is that wrong? Am I a bad person for that? Or for thinking that the dumbing down of Final Fantasy into popcorn RPG is a sad step backwards rather than forwards?

I like this Final Fantasy and do enjoy it, but I think it pales in comparison to the Final Fantasy's of old.

DaTruth3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

The game is good enough to have me alternating between it and GOW3! I really thought I was going to put it away till I was done with GOW3, but I'm way too invested in it now and the combat and upgrade system is just starting to come together.

I wouldn't have expected such an automatic combat system to be so deep!

I actually ignored this till it became top news. No point in reading Destructoid reviews!

edgeofblade3114d ago

Suffice to say... this review is not for the majority of you.

However, I knew this turd was coming an hour after I started playing. Traded it to Gamestop for $50. Best snap judgement on a game I ever made.

popup3114d ago

Sucks to be Jim Layhe, whatever his name is. I hope he finds a hobby or job that at least entertains him somewhat before he commits suicide or something terrible like that.



''Destructoid are the best troll site ever.''

No, Jim Sterling it is.

Alvadr3114d ago

"""An average conversation in Final Fantasy XIII goes like this: "Pulse, Cocoon, L'sie, Fal'sie, Focus, Focus, Focus." Over and over again, the same stupid words"""

Err,.. Well thats because its whats central to the story... how meny times in FFX do you hear the phrase "I must defeat Sin! Calm, Calm, bring the Calm, Spira this, Spira that"??

...and its L'Cie idiot!

illizit3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Uhm... Let's see. I am a die hard FF fan, and this last one is the worst one so far IMO

RPG Check list:

-RPG elements such as weapons and armor that are heavily tied to the game [no check]
-World Map [no check]
-Allow the player to decide what do do next (i.e., open world) [no check]
-Good story that develops a connection with the player and characters [no check]

It's nothing more than a mediocre story with good graphics. This game shouldn't be classified as a RPG.
Even the battles are mostly automated..

FF7 remake anyone?

yojoe263114d ago

Sigh.....Everybody just go play this game and ignore retard sites like this one. I am 35 hours into the game and this game is pretty much Final fantasy epicness on all fronts. The combat is absolutely addictive and fun and without hesitation I would say this is up there with FF10 in quality. Just don't base the game around the first 10-20 hours cause that part is SO SLOW. Besides getting off to a very slow and linear start this game is epic once you hit the 20 or 25 hour mark where the free=roaming and questing begins. PLAY IT!!!!

Sharpshell3113d ago

I just want to go on record of saying that:

Final Fantasy 13 has better story and MUCH better dialog than 10... and that isn't even a strong endorsement, but to say (that aspect) is the worst in the series is pretty weak if you ask me, has Jim played ff 10?

that said I have actually quite enjoyed ff13, i liked how I had no idea what the hell was going on when it started, it made the (as per usual) boring intro into the game more bearable

I have honestly struggled to get through the first few hours of every FF game I have ever played (except for ff7)

Millah3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I don't agree with a 4/10, however I do agree with a lot of the points brought up in the review. I would probably rate it a 7/10 because its not like this game is a pile of trash, but it does have issues we shouldn't be seeing from a team that used to make the industry standard in JRPG epics.

This game has some very serious problems with dialogue, character development, interactions, storytelling, PACING, and a lot of serious flaws in the battle system. This review points out all of those issues, and pretty much explains them exactly how I've felt.

I'm really bummed out with how bad FF13 is because I've been anticipating it so much. I wanted Square to come back with a vengeance, but just once again proven that they've lost their edge. I'm just giving my honest opinion. Trust me, I wanted this game to be great more than anyone else. I've been a JRPG fanatic since 1995.

bakasora3113d ago

i agree to many point of the review like: music being not memorable. i really dont remember the tunes of the music after 10 minutes...

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callahan093114d ago

OK. If Metacritic doesn't completely stop posting Destructoid reviews, the LEAST they could do is stop posting Jim Sterling reviews. This guy is a complete joke. These scores do not do a god damn thing to help any gamer actually decide which game to buy. FFXIII = 4, Deadly Premonition = 10? Yeah, right, Jimbo.

Shadow Flare3114d ago

I was genuinely shocked when I discovered edge's reviews count towards metacritic. And destructoid's too? What they say in their reviews is one thing, but they they don't know how to score games properly. In what way is assassin's creed 2 a 4/10 game? It got many awards last year and is a superb game which vastly improved on the original. How is killzone 2 a 7/10 game? The game that got awards for shooter of the year and ps3 shooter of the year. They couldn't score a game correctly if it was written out for them. It makes me laugh how edge's FFXIII review only counts the ps3 score towards metacritic. Just dragging the ps3's meta down, not 360's. Pathetic. Those sites should be blacklisted not only by metacritic but also by sony

The Time Reaper3114d ago

Yet G4 and Sessler reviews are left out. How ODD.

Rocket Sauce3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I think FF 13 looks bad. Really bad, but maybe 4 is a bit harsh. Anyway, that's coming from someone who hasn't played it.

I doubt the guys at IGN played Deadly Premonition for more than 15 minutes - but I'm not gonna complain about their review and call for Metacritic to ignore them, either. That's just a little bit ridiculous.

No need to bust out the torches and pitchforks.

edgeofblade3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

It's incredible how people get into Meta-Metacritic-ing. If your favored game or console gets the short end of the stick, it can't possibly be true and the criteria must be flawed. So, you try to change the rules.

Face it. FF13 is a steaming pile of everything that's wrong with JRPGs.

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moegooner883114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Jim Sterling, has just outdone himself, again.

catch3114d ago

Why would you contribute this?

moegooner883114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

So that people would stop taking Destructoid's reviews seriously, do u realize that Destructoid is one of the most widely read video game blogs on the internet, reaching over 3 million visitors per month.

catch3114d ago

Well I definitely agree with you there but don't you worry that you might be part of the problem giving the site hits like this?

edgeofblade3114d ago

I read them because they shake things up, unlike the Square fanboys who worship the company because of one groundbreaking game, they actually stand for an actual opinion instead of a whitewash.

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rucky3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Final Fantasy is not a below average game. Though it's not something amazing either, it is a great game that starts off kinda slow and boring (I swear I literally stopped playing every hour cause I could not stand how bored I was) but when it picks up you will feel it's a final fantasy game.

I have absolutely no idea what this Jim Sterling guy's agenda anymore aside from his constant need for internet attention but I seriously hope he understands the consequences of his actions to gamers who stupidly follow and read his stuff.

smittyjerkins3114d ago

I don't think you need to worry. All the fans of his site know that everything he says is a joke or is highly sarcastic. Just from what I read out of the comment section from time to time, 90% of the people get the message he sends in his HIGHLY SARCASTIC articles.

Ninji3114d ago

I'm surprised this even came from Destructoid. Then again, then seems like one of those common sense articles as everyone already knows FF13 is garbage & the worst game in the series.

topdawg1223114d ago

I agree with a couple complaints, but in no way is this worth a 4 out of 10. This dude is a joke, don't defend this score.
My opinion it's an 8 out of 10.

Wrathman3114d ago

lol @ the reports on this review!

can droids say...double standards?

i dont even need to play this game to see that its garbage.the characters and the plot is enough to bin it.and the trailer features leona lewis...pulleassssseeeee!!!