Sessler's Soapbox: Sony Makes a Casual Move

Adam sits down to talk about why he thinks the Playstation Move is an important development in the world of gaming.

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myothercar3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

at 4:50 he starts to talk about how including dualshock support in SOCOM somehow makes Move less significant. Well, there are something like 65-70 million PS3/360 owners out there who don't play games with motion controls, and aren't going to want to invest in Move right away. It would be dumb to make a traditional game Move exclusive when they can just as easily make a game that caters to both audiences and sell that many more copies. There'd be far more b****ing if Sony closed off Socom 4 access from DS3 owners!

Including DS3 support for SOCOM is like including classic controls in Mario Kart and Smash Bros Wii. These are games that are very accessible with traditional controllers, so it would just be sales suicide to ignore that part of the userbase.

At least this early, that is-- i'm saying that maybe a couple years down the road if Move turns out to be the Wii Fit Balance Board in terms of attach rate among existing PS3 owners, then it wouldn't be as much a risk to make a title with traditional gameplay Move-only. At that point you could play that card to sell more Moves. Nintendo's first traditional game to require M+ is coming more than a year after M+ came out, if I'm not mistaken.

whateva3194d ago

people always look for what they didn't do so they can cry about it?

remember after E3 09 when everyone was saying that Natal was going to be able to play all Xbox 360 games and the Sony Motion controller couldn't because it was going to take up too much of the CPU and Natal had it's own hardware so it wouldn't take away from the 360's CPU?

funny how things changed lol now it's a bad thing that the move can be used in games that use the DS3 lol.

lol wait until it's time for The Move to release, we will see articles saying that the PS Move is Too precise for casual gamers.

OMG it's too real I don't want to fight like I'm fighting in real life!

why not go get into a real fight if you have to fight like you're really fighting? lol

CryWolf3194d ago

Yea that would Awesome if they would make a Star Wars game using Sony's wand motion controller.

ivant3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

A first person Starwars game, with light saber fighting using the Move would be fun.

But Sony, should be promoting the Move to eventually be the next generation controller for Ps3/4.

Also they should have made the controller using an independent electro-magnetism detector, rather than visual detection using the eye toy.

Biggest3194d ago

Sounds like you need to open your own hardware studio. Either that, or shut up and let them do their job.

Dellis3194d ago

Stop doing Coke Sessler

nikoado3194d ago

"Look for me.I'm the guy that looks like me"