Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Update Released

DICE has released the latest update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, now available for download.

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a_squirrel3171d ago

Yes! This is a great game, and getting better =D

VictoriousOne3171d ago

Is this update also for the console versions?

CernaML3171d ago

All of the fixes that they listed seem to be related to PC issues only.

cdland3171d ago

Um... your on your comp... not your console... go to your console and check, loooserOne... So come on are you a noob. lol The patch comes out for the PC and the consoles have to wait for it to be approved buy the people that run it, Sony or MS. This game is good eh...
Have fun... CC :-)

hikayu173171d ago

do they fix the following kind-of issues i have :
the pistols are wayyy too powerful . i can kill everyone , regardless of class and weapon , even snipe people , with it . a pistol should only be for self-defense .
the snipers are way too underpowered , especially the M95 . i use it and it's virtually no different than a M24 or GOL . maybe a little bit , very little bullet drop . but it feels weak . it's a 50cal for godsake ! if you shoot somebody , and it hit , that body part is gone . he dead . even with magnum ammo , people are still surviving ! it pisses me off. the gun reload slow like hell , yet you dont kill people with 1 shot ? it's trash , really .
sometime you can glitch in houses . sometime if you spawn behind someone who's next to a wall , you're inside that wall . happen to me twice . but at the sametime , it doesnt happen everytime . i dont care if this issue is fixed or not , since you cant shoot from the inside .
C4 . why cant i detonate the C4 if im a bit far from them ? even if i run back next t it , i just cant detonate them . it seems to happen to me quite sometimes .
sometime i cant spot . happens to me quite frequently . im a sniper ( big suprise ) and i spot people very frequently . yet , 3 out 10 times , i cant spot them . he's right on my crosshair , yet i cant spot him .

catguykyou3171d ago

Biggest benefit of the m95 is that you can shoot through the glass in choppers and cars. It let's you kill a USB in 1 shot and gives you more assist points. The marking issue Is amissunderstanding for a lot of people. There is a cooldown on marking people shared by your whole team . You can only mark so many people so often before you hit the cooldown as a team. It is there to avoid abuse but could use a better explination from the devs. I havnt noticed the awesomeness of the pistol you are mentioning but I only use itt as a fallback to quickly finish someone off within range.

catguykyou3170d ago

That was supposed to be uav in one shot. My iPhone does weird corrections sometimes.