The Top Five Most Controversial Game Reviews in Recent History

AOTF:As many gamers have learned over the years, video game reviews are nothing but opinions of a users experience with a product. Many things can go into this calculation of a games score. But for the most part, games tend to be rated within a band or average as the number of reviews increases. Call it the ease of going with the flow, or a herd mentality, but you always have that review that sticks out like a sore thumb. Some may call these types of reviews flame baiting or stupidity, we call it balls, because Hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned. These are our top five most controversial game reviews in recent history.

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AliTheBrit193193d ago

Lol destructoid, what a pathetic joke of a website.

wicko3192d ago

Both being Jim Sterling reviews.. surprise surprise! Who knew he was a troll?

Deuce Bigalow3192d ago

All the low reviews for the "AAA" PS3 games. I remember when Sony fanboys went tits up when Eurogamer gave MGS4 a 8/10, and then EDGE, and then other sources. Same for other games.

smittyjerkins3192d ago

I firmly believe that the GameCritic's review was completely justified and not flamebait. Same goes for Kikizo's score. The Destructoid reviews, however, are 100% pure flamebait.

jjohan353192d ago

It shouldn't be a list of controversial reviews. It should be a list of controversial review sites. The top two that come to mind: Edge and Destructoid. At least Eurogamer's review scores are still within reasonable standard deviation from the overall average scores of major gaming review sites. But Edge and Destructoid consistently fall off the chart for being consistently biased. Someone already proved it with statistics.

WildArmed3192d ago

lol if you looked at the last few articles that we got from this site, it's really sad to see that this site pretty much does nothing but bring down gaming journalism.

schlanz3192d ago

Not-interestingly, Jim Sterling didn't review it.

Pennywise3192d ago

AC2 - Sony advertising.

FF13 - Makes the 360 look inferior.

GOW3 - Even the biggest of fanboys can not deny this game its place in epic video game rankings.

KiRBY30003192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Gamervision. 6 out of 10 review for Demon's Souls, still makes me cringe
the guy bash a hardcore game for being too hard...

TVG. 7 out of 10 for BFBC2
the guy reviews the solo part of the game like it's the main feature. the review is dumb but the comments are priceless! its like the reviewer is knocked down by the entire internet lol

btw i dont understand why bad company didnt get much praise by the press. the game is easely on par with modern warfare, and plenty of people (including me) are saying its the best FPS they played this gen. it truely deserve to be above 90 on meta yet it doesnt. i wonder why...

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Das_Bastardion3193d ago

is *NOT* a professional gamer, man, he souldn't be able to be near a computer to begin with!

The motherfvcker is always writing the purest sh1t out of his sick mind, sometimes i even ask myself if his brain is really THAT atrophied to concive what he tries to comunicate, or the people at that joke site do it just for the hits.

Nevertheless he is a goddam shame for this generation of consoles, people like him should be banned from gaming and castrated to prevent them to spread his stupidity in the planet.

The Iron Sheik3193d ago

No more hits for Destructioid until Jim Sterling is fired! Who is with me?

awesomeperson3192d ago

Along with him actually not FINISHING games before he says he has...

Comet3192d ago

I was looking for Edge Magazine...

Bayonetta - 10
God of War 3 - 8

Halo 3 - 10
Halo 3: ODST - 9

GOW 3 is the absolute best in its class. You don’t review a game based on previous installments. God of War was the first to set its bar for its genre, and GOW 3 deserved more credit.

JOLLY13193d ago

A fansite that has issues with proper grammar is critiquing actual websites?

math3193d ago

Who's critiquing? It's a list of controversial reviews.

JOLLY13193d ago

The author is criticizing someone work. He disagrees with the review. He is stating his opinion. Yes, other may have the exact same opinion. That is completely valid. The problem is that a lot of people find no controversy in these review at all. So he is critiquing from his opinion. That's just bad journalism.

math3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

You're just trying to argue for the sake of arguing.
In the description it says: You always have that review that sticks out like a sore thumb. So, it's not that I disagree, it's that everyone else did so much so that the review stands out.

math3193d ago

The reviews in question in the article deviate so far from the mean score that they stick out.

Like giving a game with an 85 average a 40 for example. It's not so much criticizing their writing, like you apparently like to do, as it is math.

JOLLY13193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

You see, the reviews are (in your opinion) the most controversial. I don't see anything wrong with a 75/100 for Mass Effect 2. I don't have issue with anything he wrote. I just believe there should be a qualifier in your title. For example, AOTF's most controversial....

Also, the one I really don't get is the Kikizo one, if we are purely basing the "article" on score. There are 4 scores for GoW III that are at 80 and 2 at 85. How is Kikizo so far away from "everyone else"?

math3193d ago

You most certainly have a point there. It's not our perspective. That would be comparing it to a review that we wrote or our particular stance on the subject. Which this is not the case. It is relative to the average review score which you can calculate on any meta review site like N4G or metacritic. All of the reviews that I chose deviated from the median score, whether by percentage or points, in a manner which made it stand out.

It's not our opinion. It's just the numbers in five of the most popular recent titles. You can look back over the list of games that has been released since the beginning of the year. I could have included other games, but they didn't have as much of a distinct difference. These games were exclusive in the aspects that the reviewers seemed to be the only ones, or one of the only ones, who gave them these low scores.

exnihilonihilfit3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Controversy is measured by the reaction of a broad public, and not by one person's dissent. To deem something controversial is not to critique it per se, it's not even to disagree with it, but to note that there have been a large number of critical responses to it, or that it deviates greatly from the average. Though not wholly objective, it's not simply a matter of this person or this site's opinion whether something is controversial. It's quite indisputable that Jim Sterling's reviews are controversial as they generate a huge amount of critical backlash and deviate widely from the average, but that's precisely why Sterling reviews in the manner that he does. The same is true of teletext. As for the other reviews, I can't really speak to that as I have neither read the reviews nor the responses to them.

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math3192d ago

Did you read the review? It was controversial, in it's tone. Relative to most of the reviewers. And with all scoring it in the top tenth, the couple of 80's stuck out.

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