IGN Lets go of Chris Roper

Executive Editor of PlayStation team gets laid off

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Sonyslave33143d ago

See this prove Ign is bias

NLshotta3143d ago

he was on microsofts payroll and they finally caught him

ChrisW3143d ago

I hope it's not because he gave it a 93 and said, "It's not perfect, with some uneven storytelling and progression here and there, but it's still a fantastic overall package."

Then again, publishers are known to give nice presents to editors who give excellent reviews... and threats of boycott for less than stellar reviews.


callahan093143d ago

What does this mean for the editorial direction

Chris3993143d ago

They've been adrift for years. If Greg Miller takes the reigns, the whole place is going to the dogs.

divideby03143d ago

agreed if Miller takes over...I will stop going to IGN the little I go there now...their FF review totally blew it for me. The site used to be great, now its just a media advertisement ho bag

Lifendz3143d ago

although I can only dream of Shane B. (formerly of 1up) leaving Ignition and taking the job.

evilmonkey5013143d ago

You cant spell ignorant without IGN.

OmegaSlayer3142d ago

Who gives a rat's a**!!!
People should start to open their eyes.
Reviewers EARN money to play FOR FREE, IN ADVANCE, games that we have to WAIT and to PAY a LOT of bucks.

They're lucky, very lucky, and they should only be honest, clear and not biased in their reviews.
Instead they accept moneyhats, and the success of 360 in the US is defnitively to be addressed to the bunch of Editors and Reviewers that started to bash PS3 every single time while glorifying 360.

So this guy has been fired, GOOD!
I'm happy, I would be happier if he had been sent to a farm to shovel feces.

offwhiteazn3142d ago

but i agree with almost everything in the ign review for this game except for the story.. the game crashed on 2 separate occasions, and there where some set pieces that should have happened that didn't. overall, it didnt feel as polished as the other games, and that makes me sad. however, the core game is amazing and whoever plays it will jizz in their pants.

deafwing3142d ago

... lol that dude tore him a new one and IGN was like .. "Oh noeeessss" HHG doesn't like him we have to let him go.

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LordMarius3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Thats what you get for implying this
Bayonetta > GoW3


evilmonkey5013143d ago

I accidentally posted a reply to your comment on the above comment...
No edit....darn.

deafwing3142d ago

... man it's not funny; the economy is rough out their, hopefully he has something else lined up for himself - you guys have to look at it from all angles before you mangle the guy. :)

TheColbertinator3143d ago

Sucks for him.Working at IGN must have been a great gig