Red Dead Redemption Retail Pre-Order Bonus Videos: See the War Horse and the Golden Guns in Action

Rockstar writes: "Last month, we announced a wide variety of exclusive Red Dead Redemption pre-order bonuses, available via retail partners across North America and the UK. On the heels of the video previewing the Deadly Assassin outfit, available by pre-ordering with GameStop in North America and Game in the UK, check out a few new videos for our other exclusive in-game content."

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JoelR3193d ago

hmmm extra missions vs a horse...
OTOH I think It might be cool to have a tougher horse... and shoot everyones horses from under them.

rdgneoz33193d ago

I think the guns just give you fame quicker. And the more fame you have, the more missions / duels you get. So you'll probably get the same missions and duels without that bonus, just a bit later / slower.