VG Chartz Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Twelve numbered iterations, innumerable spin-off games, two movies, and four years in development have finally brought us the first Final Fantasy for the HD generation: Final Fantasy XIII. The wait is finally over and Square Enix has not disappointed. This is why HD TVs were created.

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bmw693169d ago

Great review - the graphics in this game in particular are absolutely amazing!

Cold 20003169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Yeah, I dont understand why nobody is giving props for the great graphics. Looks superb.

Braineater24483169d ago

It does look good, but graphics arent everything ;)

kingdavid3169d ago

These guys should be replacing destructoid on metacritic :l

bmw693168d ago

Graphics aren't everything but this game doesn't seem to be getting the credit it deserves for the graphics and general presentation...

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routsounmanman3169d ago

Amazing battle system, fast and kinda deep.

Braineater24483169d ago

Combat sys is amazing. But no towns = huge .

bmw693168d ago

Yeah no towns makes the game pretty different to previous versions

CobraKai3163d ago

That's how I felt. I don't think it makes the game awful like some people make it seem, just different. Its structure almost feels like an action game (kinda like a devil may cry) rather than an RPG.

Rubang3169d ago

like a can of beer that's sweeter than honey
like a millionaire that has no money
like a rainy day that is not wet
like a gamblin fiend that does not bet
like dracula with out his fangs
like the boogie to the boogie without the boogie bang
like collard greens that dont taste good
like a tree that's not made out of wood
like goin up and not comin down
like a final fantasy without no towns

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